How to Make Your Man Lust for You Once Again

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After being together for a few years, you and your hubby may start to feel bored or strained with your sexual relationship, especially true if you already have kids. But instead of moping in a corner and feeling bad about yourself, you can actually do something to revive your lust for each other. With just a little imagination, you can make your man want to salivate just by thinking of how hot you are.

If you want to be the woman of his dreams again, simply follow the pointers below:

Look For Ways To Have Fun In Bed

A lot of women who are in their late 40s or early 50s are often not in the mood for some fun. They probably think that since they are already a bit old, playfulness and experimentation are no longer attractive or appropriate when it comes to under-the-bedcover trysts.

However, if you do not want your man to philander and look for excitement, do not let making love with you a boring and monotonous task. Although you may be craving for passionate, intense, deep and soulful sex all the time, your partner may want to keep your copulation light once in a while. Do not make him feel that bed activities are tasks that needed to be done. Be playful and don't let blunders and mishaps dampen your passion. Don't be afraid to do something immature or silly. Just let it out, have a laugh and try to experiment.
Let Your Man Know What You Want

It is important that you know that your man is not a psychic or a mind reader. Although you have been together for a while, you should not assume that your partner would remember everything that you want or that he knows what you desire sexually. Remember that some men and women think differently. So even if you are sensitive to his needs, it does not mean that he will be sensitive to yours.

Make your man feel wanted and good in bed by letting him know what it is you want. If you want an extraordinary experience for the both of you, express what it is that will turn you on and will make you achieve the big O. Men, especially the one who loves and treasures you, should not only be interested in reaching their peak. True lovers would be much happier if they know that they are also helping you reach your ecstasy. It would be a bummer for any man to fail to make her girl reach orgasm every time they make love. In the end, if this is the case, your man will not want to steal a tryst with you anymore.

Try To Be More Enthusiastic

Women have a tendency to be complacent when it comes with their sex life, particularly if they are in a relationship for at least a couple of years already. As a result, sex becomes ho-hum for men because women start to be less enthusiastic about it. If you want your man to lust all over you, you might want to lust all over him first. Don't be afraid to show him your wild side.

Be Confident With Your Own Skin

Men also would like their women to love their bodies. They want their partners to let out their inhibitions and agree to make love in the morning or in the afternoon so that they can see every nook and cranny of a woman's body.

Many people are not confident of their bodies because they suffer from imperfections, such as love handles, flabby arms and even cellulite. If you are one of the women who cannot show your body to your man comfortably and confidently because of your cellulite woes, do not fret. You can reduce the appearance of dimpled skin by using anti-cellulite cream, such as Celrase. If you are interested to know more about Celrase, just visit

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