How To Make Her Squirt - The Basic Technique!

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So, you want to make your girl squirt. Well, fortunately this is not as hard as most people make it out to be. In this article I'll give you the basic process which needs to happen, the stages of it, and how you can make your girl squirt.

How to make her squirt?

Here is the best explanation on how to make any girl squirt: Many guys think that to make a girl squirt, all you need to do is stimulate the right area of her vagina. Well, that's not exactly true.You need to do that, that's given, but you also need to make her relax. Sounds cheesy, but that's probably the most important part - even more important than the stimulation itself. If she is not completely relaxed and comfortable, you won't get anywhere. In fact, some men think that it is best not to even tell a girl what you are going to do. That's ok, but you still need some way of telling her to let go at a certain point, which if she doesn't know that you want to give her this pleasure, she will not do. So it's best to be honest and tell her - after all, it's mostly for her enjoyment, and it's amazing what she will be willing to do for you afterwards.


Yes, the best way to relax her is through massage. It's a very simple technique, which focuses on tension points on her muscles, especially on the legs and her back and shoulders. She has to let go of that tension, before she can squirt. Also, she needs to be relaxed emotionally. The next part is the stimulation - you simply stimulate her g-spot with strong pressure. Generally speaking, you relax her, and then stimulate the right areas. If you do that, you'll know how to make her squirt every time!

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