How To Make Her Scream Uncontrollably In Bed

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Surely, you would like to drive your woman wild and screaming ceaselessly in bed. It is not a few minutes job. It comes with practice and experiments.

During foreplay, it is important that when you are stimulating any part of her erogenous zones, you get constant feedback from her. Let her tell you if she is enjoying it and have her show you the parts of her body to focus more on.

Give her the kissing of her life. Women love to be kissed. It is usually viewed by most of them more as a sign of affection than the actual sex. Just before having sex, you will find it useful to have a session devoted to kissing. Make it a sacred moment for her and you will succeed in turning her on almost immediately.

Stimulating her erogenous zones. Women have more erogenous zones than men. Knowing how and when to stimulate those zones is the key to driving her crazy in bed. Women can sacrifice ill health to be with their man if he is good at the turning-on game. That is why some women do not hesitate when their partner says it is time for sex, while some would grumble and even out rightly reject the proposal for another episode of sex.

-  Focus on her Scalp & Hair. Women like their hair admired. Pulling your partner's hair gently and sensually will stimulate her and suddenly increase her urge to have you. When you do this, be sure to comment about how beautiful she is, how lovely her hair is and how you feel touching her lovely hair. You can also brush her hair gently to stimulate her further.

-  Feel her neck region. The neck is another part of a woman's body that is sensitive to touch, especially when you are in the bedroom. Ensure you nibble, kiss and lick the different parts of her neck gently and adoringly. Women love to be adored.

-  Fondle and caress her breast with the highest focus. A woman's breast is one of her most sensitive sex organ. However, start stimulating it only when you think is she getting increasingly aroused by your touches.

Make her the center of the show. For most men, it is their show. The woman has little or no say. I bet you that the secret to making your woman always ready to surrender is to make her feel on top of the world and at the center of your world. Bombard her with words of affection, let her know that you want her to achieve maximum satisfaction and that you will do everything to get her there. The words alone are enough to sink into her subconscious and put her in the mood. Any extra stimulation will get her screaming uncontrollably.

Take the initiative and give your manhood a boost today. Visit for more insights.

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