How To Make A Man Want You - 7 Tips To Make Him Want You More Than Any Other Woman

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If you need to know how to make a man want you, first you must realize he will need to see you as having special qualities. You may be asking yourself why is it some women have no problem attracting men, and how can you know what are the ways to make a man want you more than any other woman. Here are the right steps which will help show him you are the special woman he needs to love.

To attract a great man, maintain your own individuality by just being yourself. This one trait will help you be noticed as someone special with your own personality and style that will always be the real you.

When you proudly display your own individuality, it signals that you are independent in your actions. This makes a statement that a man should not ever expect you to be like every woman he has known before.

It's the uniqueness of you that makes you the special woman, different from all the rest that will keep his attention. This is the one most important secret to make him want to stay forever in a loving relationship with you.

Men are instinctively hunters and chase what they want and desire - so let him make the first move and begin chasing you. If you want to keep him interested, you should keep him on his toes by not being always available.

When a man is unsure of how you are spending your free time, his natural ego will rev into high gear especially if he gets any word about another man showing interest in you. This is because men think they need to be able to prove worthy of your attention. This will make a guy even more determined to find out if you are more interested in another man instead of him.

Let him know you have various interests, both social and as an individual, and you believe in enjoying life. This shows him you are a happy, upbeat person and you want to make a man think that will not change even if he is not a part of your life. This will indirectly tell him in his mind to do more to get your attention which is what you want to achieve.

Men want to be around women who are content and happy. Nothing turns off a man faster than to be with a woman who complains a lot.

Let him be the one to call you if it is early in your relationship because he needs to fuel his natural male instinct to hunt and chase. If you are always calling him, he will begin to feel you are hunting him. Yes, men want to feel flattered and want a woman who appreciates them, but this will make you appear too easy and you will no longer be a challenge. He wants and needs this challenge to fulfill his own masculinity.

When a woman appears 'too easy', the long term value of being special is diminished in the eyes of a guy that is seeking a lasting love.

When your relationship progresses to the point a guy wants you to call him, do not be contacting him several times a day with idle talk just to fill time. If you are the one always initiating the contact, it will cause him anxiety because he will begin to feel pressured and you will be sending out mixed signals. Men fall in love from a distance, and they can't think about you if you are frequently contacting them.

How to get him to think about you day and night and make him want you more than any other woman just takes you giving him some time away from you. When he pictures you and your special qualities in his mind, it will tend to make him appreciate you and will help him to realize his feelings of love for you.

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