How to Kiss a Girl - Discover the Most Powerful Way to Turn Her On

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A kiss is the single most endearing act that mankind has been blessed with. A kiss can mean different things depending on the giver and the recipient and sometimes it is just like an instantaneous action between two people. Like all other things though, even kissing has a standard of measure by which it is judged. Now the question to which most men do not know the answer, how to kiss a girl. There are so many ways on how to kiss a girl and it is largely dependent on what message you want your kiss to send as well as the stage of your relationship.

When you are just starting to date, kissing is expected however, it is in this time when you have to be very cautious on how to kiss a girl. A peck on the cheek is always acceptable when saying hello and bidding goodbye. It is neither too casual nor too aggressive. Your tongue should be nowhere near her mouth.

As your relationship progresses, so does your kisses. A kiss on the mouth becomes your unspoken greeting to each other although your lips do not linger on each other's. It is also still best to keep your tongue in check during the kiss.

More passionate kisses are expected as your relationship matures and French kissing is just around the quad. French kissing would entail the use of the tongue to maraud your partner's mouth and explore its every corner. A few things to remember though:

Keep your spittle in check. It would ruin the mood if you start to drool into your girl's mouth. That is certainly no way to kiss a girl.

Excessive moaning on your part is a major turn off. Keep your groans low. You do not want to be mistaken as a cat in heat.

Your hands are best cupping her face or caress her cheek

Do not open your mouth as wide as you can. French kissing should be romantic; it should not look like you are eating each other's face.

A very important point on how to kiss a girl is that it should be sincere and genuine. It should sum up all the things that you cannot put in words. As they say, the kiss is invented because not all can be poets. Being a good kisser should convey your true feelings. There should be truth in your kiss because that is something that girls are looking for. In fact some of them judge the whole relationship based on how good your kissing bouts are.

Practice makes perfect. You may not be the best kisser but you can get better with time. The more kisses you share, the better it will become until one day you just realized you are so comfortable kissing each other. However, kissing should never lose its meaning to you. No matter how many times you kiss a girl, it should be as magical as the first time you ever laid your lips on hers.

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    Kissing a girl is difficult if you are a stranger to her. If you don't want a major slap in the face or be thrown out in the place where you did the deed, do not ever attempt in kissing a girl you didn't know or barely knew.

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    Making a girl want you doesn't take good looks, fast cars and money. It is a task that is in a league of its own. Making a girl want you suggests that you have mastered the art of "charm"

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    Kissing a girl is difficult if you are a stranger to her. If you don't want a major slap in the face or be thrown out in the place where you did the deed, do not ever attempt in kissing a girl you didn't know or barely knew.

    By: Bernice Ekerl Sexualityl 17/04/2009 lViews: 1,378

    Most men need to understand that there is no perfectly neat trick that exists in order to successfully maneuver your way with women. Every woman is different and has different needs to be fulfilled, so they get turned on by a variety of factors.

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    It is quite uncommon to find men become paranoid and at times, desperate when it comes to failing in terms of getting the woman that they want. Actually most of them blame the failure to something that they thought they did not do in the process. More or less directing the attention more of towards themselves instead of trying to look outward and realizing the importance of understanding the women they meet.

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