How To Increase Penile Size Without Pills

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The truth is, most men is questioned privately would like to have a bigger penis. I mean, what man does not want to feel dominate in bed with their partner and a bigger penis definitely gives many men that feeling of power.

Too many men have spent years frustrated about the size of their penis (or lack of) and the possibility that they are able to satisfy a woman in the bedroom. Other men want penis enlargement to get even bigger. But the fact is that some men have been dealt such a cruel hand of luck and have ended up with a well below average penis and it affects their overall masculinity.

Still, other men have no confidence because they simply do not feel they are large enough to satisfy their partner.  All of these men want to get information to discover how they can grow a large penis.

Some men have medical reasons why they have such a large penis size. One such condition is called  Peyronie's Disease (abnormal curvature of the penis.) Another is Erectile Dysfunction, this is when the man is unable to have or sustain an erection. There are other herbal male enhancement pills that will help cure erectile dysfunction (or ED) that I will cover in other articles. ED can be caused by many things, but is often brought on by stress, illness and sometimes psychological problems.

There may be some people - and probably even some women - who honestly believe that ‘size doesn't matter', but for the vast majority, this just isn't true. But just the fact that you know you have a small penis can bring on a terrible lack of self consciousness and can have a huge impact on relationships, and the confidence required  to initiate sexual relations with women. There is nothing worse for a man than the fear of rejection. Accepting what God gave you is one thing, but there are options that you can choose to be free of embarrassment, ridicule and to feel confident again. One of the best ways to grow your penis is by using penis traction device.
What is penis traction?

Penis traction has been used all over the globe for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It eliminates the use of other really painful, dangerous and quite frankly, useless penis enlargement methods including penis suction pumps and weights used to stretch the penis.

Studies has shown that the penis traction allows users to enlarge their penis size and girth. and encourages more blood flow through the penis resulting in harder and more longer lasting erections. A healthy blood flow to the penis makes for a healthier penis.

Some men report a size increase of up to three inches by using penis traction devices. Results can be different depending on the duration and frequency that you wear the device. Penis traction works by pulling the penis under gentle exertion which in turn causes mass cell production allowing your penis to become larger and fuller naturally.

Think of using weights at the gym, your penis reacts like any other muscle you have in your body. As the penis is gently stretched, small tears in the cells tissues are made, these tears are then naturally filled with more cells which increase the tissue of your penis and it then retains its new size. This is very much like exercising your biceps, as you lift more weights your biceps will moderately increase in size.

This very same concept will allow you to grow a large penis by using penis traction devices.

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