How To Go Down On A Woman-Learn How To Make A Woman Come When You Go Down On Her

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Guide on how to go down on a woman

A fact that quite shocked me is that a study showed that 80% of women have a much more powerful orgasm through a man learning how to go down on a woman than they do from intercourse. I say it shocked me because i had never been able to give a woman an orgasm through cunillingus untill i found LICKBYLICK.

Believe it or not the first time i made my wife cum with oral was after reading this, it is the most comprehensive cunnilingus guide i have ever seen. It covers everthing from basics to quite rude stuff.

You see i used to just go down and start licking her vagina then her clit then i would wonder why she was getting no pleasure at all. I know now that I was doing it all wrong, us guys would be over the moon if a woman went down and started sucking, but women are different and they like things slow and gentle.

Learning how to go down on a woman is so much more complex than you would think for example did you know that the clitoris has over 6,000 nerve endings so any old lick just is not good enough. Anyway if you really want to give a woman an orgasm through cunnilingus then LICKBYLICK is a must.

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    Have you heard them say that they can please their woman beyond her imagination?

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    Do you want to learn how to go down on a woman and master the art of cunnilingus? Learning how to go down on a woman can heat up your sex life fast and separate you from any other lover your woman has had. It is unfortunate that most men are either unwillingly or not interested in giving oral sex but are often extremely keen to receive it!

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    An itchy penis is a common problem for many men, but it may present a special problem for those with a latex allergy, as it may make using condoms an issue.

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    Exercise is beneficial to several areas of one's life, including sex. Learn the best exercises for better sex.

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    Delaying your ejaculation is easy if you use pills or creams but these things don't come cheap and they are a repeat purchase. So the best way to last longer in bed for men is not to use pills but to embark on a natural ejaculation trainer.

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    This article will focus on natural ways to prevent early ejaculation rather than the products that you can purchase. The reason being that I don't believe that spraying a numbing agent or applying a numbing cream to your penis can have no harmful side effects.

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    Men love to boast about how good they are in bed and how long they can last for but next time you hear a guy telling someone about his huge amounts of sexual stamina don't take what he says to seriously. You see up to 65% of men lack the ability to stop ejaculating to fast during intercourse, so the chances are that the boasters are liars. If you find that you ejaculate before your partner has a chance to reach her climax then read on for these tips on how to stop ejaculating to fast while...

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    One of the main causes of men ejaculating too fast is not a hyper sensitive penis but simply an over active brain. Lasting longer during intercourse is not hard as long as your mind is right. An example is that your lover looks hot and you really want sex with her so you keep looking at her and getting yourself all worked up.

    By: michaell Sexualityl 03/11/2010 lViews: 807

    There are tons of ways for guys to last longer in bed from delay sprays to natural exercises that give you full ejaculatory control. It's ever more important to be able to outlast a woman in bed because the modern woman demands a guy who can cater for her sexual needs. Here are two tips on having more sexual stamina.

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    This article will give you 2 tips on how to stop from ejaculating too fast during intercourse. Before we get started though let's get one thing straight and that is no matter how fast you are ejaculating you do not have a problem. This is simply because of the time difference that it takes men and women to reach orgasm.

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    Stopping ejaculation isn't as hard as you may think, in fact if you follow a plan of action you will be lasting longer within a few days. Here are three ways of stopping ejaculation that will stop you asking, how do I last longer in bed?

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