How To Give The Best Head Ever - Tips You Must Read

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Most women have no idea how to give head, never mind how to give the best head! This is not really a surprise to me, as I was doing it wrong for a long time too. How could we know? Where do we learn? After all – it's not something our mothers are going to show us how to do! And they don't teach it in school, or at least not the school I went to!

And yet our men love nothing more than getting great head from us, so it's well worth learning the best techniques to please them! Believe me, it transformed my sex life. My man is more interested in sex, and more interested in tasteful exploration. It's created a better bond between us, and it's gotten him to open up much more about his feelings (and girls, we all know how much men love to do that – not!!)

I Was Doing It All Wrong - Until I Learned How To Give The Best Head: Find Out How

Here are some tips from what I learned:

Set the tone: Get creative with setting the tone. Give him hints during the day that you've got something special in mind for later. Keep him guessing! That will get him in the mood like crazy!

Foreplay: Many people think of oral sex as foreplay, but some of the best sex I've had with my man has featured oral sex as the main event! And the foreplay in that case is a great build-up to the best head and the best cunnilingus. Touch him suggestively as soon as he gets home, but play a little hard to get.

Take a bath or shower together, and maybe get started in the shower. Or use your hands to get him standing to attention while you're fondling his ear lobe with your tongue. Rub your buttocks against his member while in the shower, or wash or seductively in the bath!

Variety: Try different positions, as focus on different areas. Use your hands creatively (I had no idea how to do this until I got a guide). Also, I did not know that there was a way to do deep throat that didn't make me gag. You just know that will drive him crazy!

Completion: Keep this varied too. With practice you'll learn when he is about to climax and the conclusion is under your control. So you get to decide how the evening unfolds! You have the power.

Have Fun: Make sure you're enjoying it too, and that it doesn't come across as a chore you're taking care of, or a favor you're doing for him.

How to give the best head is definitely something you want to read up on. It can make all the difference in your relationship. It did in mine!

Find Out How I Learned: Click Here For More Information

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