How To Give Good Oral - And Make Him Go Nuts

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If you’re a sexually active woman, you may be wondering how to give good oral sex to your partner.  You probably want to please your guy, but are unsure of the best techniques to use to give men great head.  Here are a five tips on how to give great oral sex that will blow your partner’s mind.

1) Spontaneity: Guys are incredibly turned on by complete spontaneity.  Unlike intercourse, it‘s easy to perform oral in a variety of locations.  Use this to your advantage and surprise him in the shower, bedroom, etc.  The randomness will add variety to your sexual relationship and really help turn him on.  Just be careful not to get caught in a public place!

2) Keep eye contact: Men are very visual when it comes to sex.  They love looking at women, especially when they‘re acting sexy.  It‘s an awe inspiring sight to see a woman giving good oral, but looking up at a man while you’re going down on him will add an extra spark that is sure to make his eyes roll.  Maintaining eye contact during oral sex is sure to make for a memorable experience.

3) Lubrication: Lubrication is an essential part of giving good oral.  The friction from your mouth or hands can hurt, especially if you‘re giving a long performance.  Use spit liberally to keep the man comfortable.  However, if you are uncomfortable, you can also use artificial lubricants.  Many of these lubricants come in a variety of flavors, so it may even increase your comfort level to use a lubricant in your favorite flavor.

4) Stroke his ego: Remember that this is his time, he is the center of the universe for the moment.  Make him feel empowered and physically gifted.  Use dirty talk to let him know you’re thinking about him and only him.

5) Do the twist: You should be using your hands as well as your mouth when performing oral sex.  One time tested move is to use a twisting motion with your hands and fingers as you work up the shaft of the penis toward the head.  Pretend it is like twisting open a can, only you will be opening up some high quality pleasure for your man.

Knowing how to give good oral is a key component to spicing up your sex life.  Following these tips will give you explosive results in the bedroom.

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