How to Give a Woman a Sensual Massage

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It doesn't take long to figure out that if your woman loves massages and she loves sex then combining the two acts will create a night that you or she won't forget.

Giving a woman a sensual massage when done correctly is a good way to impress your lover as well as add a little sizzle to your love life.

Giving a woman a sensual massage is something that almost every man imagines doing with the woman he is with or wants to be with, but seldom do they actually step up to the plate and initiate a sensual massage with a woman.

Either they fear being rejected or more than likely simply don't know how to initiate a sensual massage with a woman.

Yet, the truth is that most women are very receptive to getting a massage; however, how receptive she will be to a sensual massage is going to depend heavily on her mood.

Of course a great way to get her in the mood is by simply starting off with a regular massage and slowly or skillfully easing your way into a more intimate potion.

The first key to giving and having a great sensual massage experience is to be prepared for the experience before you get started.

To maximize her enjoyment and your own pleasure make sure that you invest in a hand towel, a good 2-in-1 Personal Lubricant and Massage like Oceanus Sensuals Sensual Massage, and maybe even a blindfold if you want to really enhance her experience.

Also, before you start the sensual massage experience make sure you have taken into consideration the following things.

  • Clean hands and nails trimmed
  • Warm up your hands before starting the massage
  • Remember to keep the touch light as your objective is to turn her on not bruise her.

Below you will discover what giving her a full-body sensual massage is and isn't.

The first thing you need to understand about giving a woman a full-body massage is that you shouldn't attempt to massage every square inch of her body. Instead, give her a massage with your body as your hands aren't your only tools; using your arms, chest, and stomach are just as effective as well.

In addition to using your body, feel free to put your mouth and tongue into the sensual massage mix as well. Kissing, licking, and the sensation of warm breath on the skin are highly erotic and are almost certain to elicit a positive response from her.

Also make sure to use your hands in a variety of different ways, while you use one hand to caress her body, use the other to explore her more sexual parts.

In particular, finding her G-spot with your finger and stimulating that area can give her a mind-blowing orgasm.

For those of you who brought a blindfold into the mix now would be the perfect time to use it as removing her sense of site will greatly increase the sensations of touch that she will feel while you are giving her a sensual massage and stimulating her G-spot.

From there you will find that the sensual massage if you so choose will become a full on love making session or you can simply tease her over and over again as she experiences orgasm after orgasm as she continues to crave for you to be inside her.

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