How to Give a Great Naked Massage

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Touching your partner in a naked massage is one way of really connecting and becoming intimate. It is a special thing to do before lovemaking too. As I am a professional erotic masseur, the following is some naked massage tips.

The first naked massage tip that is important is that it is best to really slow down how you touch. Most of us touch our partners by moving our hands far too fast. One tip is to try moving your hands in sync with your partner breath. So try going up the body on the inhalation and down the body on the out breath.

Most of us are not totally present in our touch in our hands. We are in our heads trying to please or even thinking of something else. Women pick up on this very easily and then find it harder to relax. Most men really need to get into the sensations under their hands and not to try to please their partner in anyway.

Some people are more comfortable with a pillow or rolled bath towel underneath their knees and/or head (when lying face up) or their ankles (when lying face down). Some women will be more comfortable with a pillow underneath their hips. If this is your first massage with your partner you might want to experiment a little or ask him or her.

Ask if the use of an eye pillow or blindfold would be helpful in blocking out any unwanted light for your partner. Putting a CD (or prerecorded tape) of your favorite music on repeat play is a good idea

Taking the time to create a sensual and appealing environment for your erotic massage shows that you care about your partner and really value pleasure. Start by turning off the phones. You may wish to put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, light the room with either candles or soft lamps, burn incense, and turn up the heat to where one would be comfortable lying down naked.
My next naked massage tip is to use a very soft touch to start a massage. One can see if you can just lightly touch the hairs of their skin. Indeed, some men also like a light touch to start a massage and find it very pleasing. Sometimes people do find a light touch ticklish and uncomfortable. One can ask for feedback if you see some reaction to your light touch. If they give feedback, I always say thanks for the feedback.

One way of doing light touch is to start a massage with a feather, fur or silk. I use some fake fur to lightly touch the body in long, slow strokes, the legs, arms, stomach, and neck. One great place to touch that is very intimate is to lightly touch the face with the fur or silk. I always include a deep and relaxing back massage and pay a lot of attention to the buttocks. It seems most men and women hold a lot of tension in this area.

Try this. A light tapping on the sacrum area can be very stimulating for some women. Then try some long stokes up the legs and over the stomach and up to the chest.

I generally use a fair bit of oil on the body. Grape seed oil is inexpensive or even better is to use some cold pressed sesame oil. Even better if you add a few drops of essential oil to the massage oil. On a cold day, I warm the oil in some hot water or a yogurt heater.

It is important to use a room is warm. A great tip for a naked massage is to use towels on parts of the body you are not massaging. Even better is to warm the towels near a heater or a towel heater. Another great tip is to use a warm water bottle on the tummy.

I generally start with a towel over the top of the body. It is very erotic to very slowly pull the towel off the body. Do this so slow and you will see the pleasure in your partner.

One should vary the speed and also the depth of the strokes. This provides variety and interest. So go light and then a bit deeper and then slow and then faster for each stroke.

We all tend to restrict our breathing. So I always ask my partner to breathe a bit deeper than they usually do. One can ask them to breathe into the belly area and remind them when their breath gets shallow. If they force there breathing they can have sensations of tingling in the hands. Ask them to relax and slow down. If you breathe more giving the massage, you can get more energy in your hands and fingers. This makes the massage more of an energy experience.

Another more advanced technique for a naked massage is to feel of how much you love your partner and move this feeling into your hands and fingers. Your partner will feel the love in your hands and really melt. This can make the massage a healing experience. Many of us have never been touched in this way without any agenda.

When you have finished your naked massage, one can ask your partner to give you a massage. Have fun with these massage tips.

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