How To Get A Girl In The Mood

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One essential thing you want to remember is the fact that both males and females are incredibly different, notably in regards to what turns us on.  Listed here are a couple of tips about how to turn a woman on.

I once heard an analogy that in relation to sexual cravings, a man is much like a match.  We are faster to strike a fire, but we fade out quickly.  Girls alternatively, are usually like setting up a fire.  It usually takes quite some time for the flames to build up, but once they are there, they rage intensely and for quite a long time.

It can take a bit of time to turn a girl on.  You simply cannot simply push a button like you can with us men.  It's a good ordeal that you may have to drag out during a period of time for you to fan the flames, so to speak.  And to accomplish this you are going to be concentrating on her senses and the woman's mind.

Try to look for opportunities to touch her.  I don't mean creepy touching.  Merely a light touch on her shoulder or something when you are making a point or giving her a compliment on something.  Don't bring attention to the act that you're touching her.  That can merely seem weird and creepy.  If both of you recently met, she will just think it is the way you are and will likely be okay with that.  Figuring out the best way to touch a girl is critical in mastering the right way to turn a woman on.
Say something into the woman's ear.  Ears are one of many erogenous zones on a girl's body.  Nearly all women get turned on when a man whispers in her ear.  Try to find an excuse to tell her a secret.  Pretend as if you have something really important to tell her, then lean in and say something humorous into her ear.  Don't do this until you're already having a positive interaction or maybe it is going to come off as odd.

You should also begin stimulating her mind.  It's really important in how to turn a woman on.  Get her wondering about the two of you together, but be subtle about it.  When she says something you agree with or that you two have in common, as opposed to telling her something like "me too!" tell her something more like, "That is so cool.  You are my new girlfriend now." Or "Watch out.  If you keep talking like that, I could fall in love with you."  These of course should be said jokingly or else you run the danger of appearing possessive or clingy.

A woman has to feel comfortable with you before she starts to feel aroused.  Yes, women do like unpredictable men, but there is a difference between "good unpredictable" and "bad unpredictable."  "Good unpredictable" is when she does not know where you're taking her on a date until you arrive there.  "Bad unpredictable" is when she's not sure if you're a rapist or have some form of psychological problem.  Which is definitely not how to turn a girl on.  Get it?  Be a enjoyable and relaxed man and you will have zero challenges ensuring that she feels secure.

Once a woman feels comfortable, you can begin taking the lead with her.  Women like men that take some initiative.  It demonstrates motivation and confidence.  Taking the initiative is usually pretty straightforward.  Instead of saying something like, "Feel like going to get a hamburger?" say, "Let's go grab a hamburger."  Doing small things like this is perfect practice at building your leading muscles and soon you will find that you just| effortlessly start doing and saying more bold things like, "Follow me, I am taking you back to my place."

So these are a couple of tips on how to turn a girl on.  Get comfortable doing these and you'll find that your relationships with girls will instantly become much more interesting…

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