How to Enjoy Multiple Orgasms Using Vibrators

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Every woman wants to enjoy multiple orgasms. Using a woman's vibrator can help you to achieve multiple orgasms any time you want to. Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so you are sure to find a vibrator that suits your body and gives you the chance to experience multiple orgasms.

Firstly, you need to decide what type of vibrator you want. Think about your own reactions during sex. When do you feel most aroused – when your partner penetrates your vagina or when your partner stimulates your clitoris? If you get aroused with penetration, you will enjoy a regular type of vibrator shaped liked a penis. If you get aroused with clitoris stimulation, a butterfly vibrator could be the way to go. Of course, if you like it both ways, you'll absolutely love a rabbit vibrator, which stimulates your clitoris while penetrating your vagina at the same time.

Once you have purchased your vibrator, you may need to experiment with it until you can achieve multiple orgasms anytime you want to. Usually, vibrators have a few speed settings, so you can set the pace. To achieve multiple orgasms, you may like to mix up the speeds to keep your body enticed and interested.

Experiment with different positions as you use your vibrator. One advantage of a vibrator is that it won't go limp after the first orgasm, (unlike some men), so you can keep going as much as you like to achieve as many orgasms as you want. You may like to try sitting on your vibrator, lying down and penetrating your vagina with your vibrator, or even standing up.

Using a vibrator gives you the opportunity to figure out how your body best achieves multiple orgasms. Once you know the ways your body reacts best, you can teach your partner how to give you multiple orgasms in the bedroom too. You can also bring in your vibrator to the relationship, giving your partner the option to use your vibrator as a sex toy during the foreplay stage to give you some orgasms and then finish with real lovemaking as you continue to climax in multiple orgasms.

You can use a vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms easily because a vibrator won't get tired or stop at the crucial moment. You can keep up the stimulation as long you need it to achieve multiple orgasms. Instead of stopping when you achieve your first orgasm, keep the vibrator going. You will quickly respond to the additional stimulation and have another orgasm. Soon, you will be able to achieve multiple orgasms whenever you want to.

To relax your entire body and get a great night's sleep, try using your vibrator to give yourself multiple orgasms before you try to sleep. You'll be amazed at how terrific you will in the morning. Another great tip is to use your vibrator before enjoying a warm, relaxing bath. You will be even more relaxed and far less stressed in your daily life if you use a vibrator regularly.

Using your vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms is easy once you know how your body responds to the stimulation.

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