How to eat out a woman-2 Cunilingus tips to give her throbbing orgasms

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Learning to eat out a woman is one of the essential sex acts that you should perfect. Oral sex (cunnilingus) will give your woman far better orgasms than intercourse ever can.

Just imagine have the sexual know how to make your woman orgasm at any given time, that's the power of cunnilingus. Here are two tips on how to eat out a woman.

1. For men sex is a very visual act but for women sex is about pleasing the mind as well as pleasuring the body. So you need to make her think that you want her for who she is and not just for sex. All this takes is a few well timed compliments and a bunch of flowers. It's amazing the effect these things can have in her, she will feel loved and wanted and being as women are giving by their very nature then she will want to make you feel good to.
2. Ok now she is mentally prepared it's time for the nitty gritty, you should start any oral sex session with foreplay and a good amount of it. Only when she starts to wtithe around with pleasure should you start to lick her vagina, go there to soon and she will start to giggle because when she is not fully aroused the vagina is very sensitive.

Make sure your tongue is nice and wet then proceed to lick very soft to begin with, look out for signs that she wants it faster such as moaning or pushing herself up to your mouth. Respond to these signs by speeding up your licking and increasing the pressure of your licks.

Again look out for more this time even louder groaning but this time start to lick and stimulate her clitoris and get ready to watch her in spasms of pleasure as she has an oral sex orgasm.

Hope those tips on how to eat out a woman help you.

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