How to Be Intimate with Your Husband Again – Tips to Rekindle the Desire

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By now you know that marriage tends to change a couple. You enter into the commitment with your eyes wide open mindful of the fact that becoming married partners is much different than dating partners. You two suddenly have to face life head on and take on the demanding roles of mutual breadwinners and co-parents. It all certainly takes its toll on the foundation of the relationship and quite often something has to give. For many couples, that something is intimacy. If you're a woman and you're tired of feeling disconnected sexually from your spouse, you need to change that. Learning how to be intimate with your husband again can give you both a second chance at a truly fulfilling and mutually satisfying relationship.

Understanding how to be intimate with your husband again starts with recognizing that talking about this particular matter can actually cause more distance between the two of you. One problem that many couples face when it comes to their sexless marriage is they argue incessantly about it. The woman feels ignored and slighted so she points the finger of accusation solely at her spouse. He retreats into himself because he feels cornered and pressured. The frequency of their love making doesn't change at all and they actually slowly disconnect emotionally too. If you do decide to talk with your husband about the lack of sex in your marriage, do it gently and without making him feel as though he's being attacked.

A great approach to take that allows actions to speak louder than words is to take the initiative. Don't try and seduce him into making love. You need to be more subtle than that. Start by inviting him out to a lavish and succulent dinner at a quiet restaurant. Then hold his hand during dinner and tell him how great he looks. Romance him just as he did for you when you two first started dating. If you make him feel desirable all over again he's likely going to want that feeling to continue.

Recognizing when outside pressures may be impacting the intimacy in your relationship is crucial if you hope to change things for the better. Your husband's reluctance to make love may be tied in to stress that is completely unrelated to your marriage. If you notice that his stress levels seem over the top recently, offer to help him. Become his sounding board so he can bounce ideas off of you. Also, jump at the chance to take on a bit more responsibility around the house if it means less stress for him. He'll appreciate your help and it will help him feel closer to you in every way again.

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