How to avoid genital warts with food

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Genital warts are one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). It can affect people of all age groups, though youth in their 20s are more prone to this infection. Genital warts can be small, cauliflower-shaped fleshy growths or skin bumps which may appear on the genital or anal area. Usually, these skin growths appear on the shaft of the penis and in the moist tissues of the vagina, vulva, and cervix. People, who do not practice safe sex, are at risk of getting this infection. Also, people with multiple sex partners, who do not adopt safety measures while indulging in sex, are at high risk of contracting genital warts. Once HPV enters the body, it stays there for life. It is the dormant nature of this virus that no treatment can completely cure this skin infection. However, some experts suggest that nutrition can play a vital role in an effective control of genital warts symptoms.

How can nutrition help in genital warts treatment?

Our body requires some amount of nutrition to perform its basic functions. It helps in rebuilding, repairing, and regenerating body tissues. A right balance of nutrients can boost our body's immune system to fight various infections and diseases. A person affected by HPV should keep an eye over his or her nutritional consumption in order to make sure the body is provided with the proper nutrients for genital warts treatment. Poor hygiene and nutrition can trigger HPV to activate in the body and cause genital warts symptoms. Improper nutrition can weaken the natural fighting mechanism of the body. Also, nutritional deficiency can lead to various body organs functioning below their capacity, which can affect the immune system and eventually trigger the virus into its active state.

Genital warts: Dietary management

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C is considered as one of the best defence that a HPV-infected person can take in his or her diet. Vitamin C works in the body to boost its immune system and prepare a better defence mechanism against infections. Orange, lemon, bananas, and grapefruit are some of the fruits rich in vitamin C. Certain amount of vitamin D is also essential to maintain a robust immune system.

There are several foods that can aggravate the symptoms of genital warts such as cereals, nuts and seeds, caffeine, alcohol, and certain types of fishes. In particular, foods rich in arginine are known to increase the frequency of genital warts outbreaks by helping in the growth of the virus. Alcoholic beverages such as beer contain high levels of acids, which can worsen the incidents and flare-ups of HPV infection. So, people looking for genital warts cure should avoid consumption of arginine-rich food to better manage its symptoms. Also, a range of creams and lotions can help in the effective treatment of warts in a discreet manner. Wartrol is one such effective treatment, which can be sprayed under the tongue as well as used topically to enhance its effectiveness. It can be used twice a day to work in the bloodstream for better mechanism against HPV.

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