How Do I Know if She is Lesbian?

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The girl with whom you are dating for the last few days, might not be just a straight person like you. Or if you are a girl, your best friend could have different sexual preference, which is not similar to yours. But how do you know that? Being gay or lesbian is totally a physical attribute which they can not ignore. Even if they try to, one day or the other, these attributes are bound to come out. You might feel depressed if you get to know that out of the blue. It is always better to be confirmed about the girl, before you get involved with her for any kind of relationship. You can follow certain behavioral patterns of the girl to confirm about her sexual orientation.

1. You will certainly feel something different in her look. Her body language will often give you a clear hint about her orientation. She might try to be much closer to the girls around her physically. But, be very careful while judging her attitude towards you or other girls. She might turn to be just a straight person, who just loves to be accompanied by girls, rather than boys.
2. Find out if she has any rainbow signs, often with six colors, on any of her accessories. Actually, this is the symbol for gay or lesbian people. She might wear a rainbow bracelet, anklet or use a rainbow sticker on clothing or as tattoo. But, again do not draw any final conclusion from this. A straight girl also can use rainbow stickers unknowingly.

3. Just have a simple conversation with her on the topic of lesbians, and check out her reactions. She might support the movement or feel disgusted about them. This discussion might give you some hint about her sexuality.

4. Look for, whether she is wearing any upside down pink triangle. Long days back, this symbol became a sign for homosexual people. Also, lesbians or feminists are quite used to wearing a labrys symbol.

5. Every year in the last weekend of June, the gays celebrate a parade in most of the major cities. This is to strengthen their liberation movement. You might check whether your friend attends that or not.

6. But again you can not reach into any final conclusion, even if you feel positive indications from the above behavioral patterns. You can learn more about lesbians - their characteristics, their social attitude etc over the internet.

7. The best way to have confirmed answer is obviously to ask her verbally. Try to maintain a friendly relation with her so that she can confide in you. But she will share her most personal affair with you only if she feels that you are the most dependable person to confess. Never ever jump to any conclusion by yourself, as this might ruin the relationship.

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    Being gay or homosexual in today’s society is not frowned upon any more. So, it is very natural that if you are from this community, you will try to find someone else from within this community.

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    Being gay or homosexual in today’s society is not frowned upon any more. So, it is very natural that if you are from this community, you will try to find someone else from within this community.

    By: Jason Calluml Sexualityl 15/02/2009 lViews: 1,942
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