How Do I Give My Wife Multiple Orgasms? These Tips Will Unleash Cascading Waves Of Female Orgasms!

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The ability to give women multiple orgasms boils down to knowing specific techniques that get her aroused intensely. In this article, you'll learn specific ways to stimulate and prime your wife or partner for an erupting wave of multiple climaxes.

The "90-Second Window Technique"

This technique assumes you are already in the throes of intercourse and want to bring your wife to the tipping point. Before you move from penetration to the point of female orgasm, stimulate her manually or orally so that you push her as near as possible to the point where an orgasm becomes inevitable.

If you are giving her oral sex, you are in a great position to observe her bodily reactions and visible signs of intense arousal. When she is within 90 seconds of a climax, you will notice her inner labia darkening in color, as well as the clitoral head retracting into the clitoral hood.

2 Excellent Positions For Multiple Big "O's"

Woman-on-top: During this 90-second window, if you are in the missionary position, switch things up and let her get on top of you, aligning her clitoris against your pubic mound. This is a great position to get her to climax multiple times if you leverage on this small window of opportunity. She can modulate the pace, rhythm and intensity of penetration and control her orgasmic experience.

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT): This is modified from the standard missionary position and is designed to boost her chances of orgasm through vaginal penetration. When performing thrusts, you will penetrate from an elevated angle, and use the base of your penis and pubic bone to rub and stimulate her clitoris to enhance her sexual arousal. The key to bringing her to multiple orgasms through CAT is to maintain constant contact with her clitoris. This position requires less thrusting; instead intercourse takes on a synchronized rocking back and forth movement, with the main action being focused on the clitoris and the base of your penis.

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