How Can you Tell if She's a Virgin?

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Myth #1: A non-virgin walks with her legs wider apart.
Fact: How a girl walks is determined by her physical build - how wide her hip bones are or how fat her thighs are. It's also determined by her stride. This has nothing whatsoever to do with her virginity!

Myth #2: Hair between the eyebrows is gone after one loses her virginity.
Fact: This is one of the more bizarre stories. Hair between the eyebrows has nothing to do with virginity. If you happen to spot some hair between a girl's eyebrow which had never been there previously. it's simply because she has forgotten to pluck her eyebrows during the past few days!

Myth #3:A girls' fully-rounded backside suddenly flattens after she has sex.
Fact: If this were true, then there wouldn't be many of us walking around with nice, round, fully rear ends! It is impossible to lose tje elsaticity in your backside muscles simply through intercourse.

Myth #4: A virgin's breasts point upwards.
Fact: Virgins are just as likely to have sagging breasts!

Myth #5:One's breasts become larger after she loses her virginity. Fact: Just like a guy obtains his erection through a rush of blood to his penis, a gal's breasts could also swell when aroused. But this subsides. It is rude and childish to assume that those with ample chests are all non-virgins.

Myth #6: A virgin's urine is clear and sparkling.
Fact: Virginity cannot be confirmed with urine test; only pregnancy can. Besides, the quality of your urine is determined by your water intake - the more water you drink, the cleaner and clearer your urine will be.

Myth #7: A girl who has done it before has "a certain kind of look" on her face.
Fact: This is what many guys would say, and it is purely nonsense. Common sense tells you that there is no such thing as the virgin or non-virgin look!

Myth #8: A girl will definitely bleed when she has sex for the first time. If she doesn't, then she is lying about being a virgin.
Fact: One of the more reasonbale points brought up, this is perhaps the most common excuse for determining whether one is a virgin, but it is a misconception. Bleeding occurs when the hymen, a thin menbrane that covers the opening of a female's vagina, tears during intercourse. Thus, the general belief is that bleeding indicates loss of virginity. However, the hymen could also tear through physical activities like cycling and excessive exercises (like in the case of gymnasts). If tampons are not used corectly, they can also break the hymen. Also, some girls don't bleed after their first intercourse because they have more flexible hymens. Therefore, non-bleeding doesn't mean girls are non-virgins, either.

Sound Advice: Take these claims with a pinch of salt. These so-called facts are either traditional folktales or the output of someone's highly imaginative mind. In short, ignore all the outrageous things people say about how they can tell if a girl is a virgin. The truth is, no physical change will take place when a female (or male) loses their virginity. Only a medical check-up can confirm virginity by affirming the presence of an intact hymen. A thorough check-up can also tell whether the hymen has been torn by a penetrating penis or from falling from a bicycle. Other than that, the only way is to ask, and hope for an honest answer.

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    Comments on this article

    neha 02/08/2010
    im hvg sex since 4m past 4yrs nw im gtg maried so im scrd will ma hubby cme 2 kn plss help me out ...........wat shold i do
    wathanak chhay 29/07/2010
    Sometime strong and sometime weak.
    ANIL 06/07/2010
    this is quite impossible to say that a girl is virgin or not . if that is mesurable then conform how ?
    kishore shetty 28/06/2010
    i have a girl frnd i want to clarify some doubts regarding her virginity "i & my girlfrnd wnt to hotel room and she open all her clothes but i didnot put my penis i put my my finger inside she was satisfied that her hole is tight and second time i put my fnger into inside means her hole is some what loose i want to know whether she is virgin or not and is there any measures are there to check whether she is virgin or not
    kaylorn 24/06/2010
    bert 16/06/2010
    my friend have sex during several partner before we get sex is it posible when we get sex the first time she bleed
    kulvir 11/06/2010
    I like slim body girls.can you send me virgin sex videoes.
    trisha 03/06/2010
    A vigin's breasts do sag. but after your boobs are to big even if your not a virgin there's no way to tell if the girl is a virgin or not. Cause an old lady ca have sagging boobs cause of there age but it doesnt tell if there a virgin or not.
    briana 10/02/2010
    i dont like when boys think about havin sex with me because i'm not ready
    Matthew 09/02/2010
    Just wanna say that the best way to know a virgin is by having sex wit her, to see whether you can break the hymen.
    aNGELIQUE 15/01/2010
    tajanah 11/01/2010
    i dont know?
    florence 26/11/2009
    ima 23yrs and still a virgin, i kept it so that it can be a wedding present for my husband. but how is it going to be a present if i can not tell? someone answer me before i destroy it as soon as posible
    jOE 19/11/2009
    i am a very disappointing man i know it. :( But i am 40 years old and only had one gf and that was for about 2 months in 9th grade. I work at McDonalds and i never graduated Highschool, i dropped out in 11th grade. The most disturbing part about my life is that i am still a virgin!!! Now if someone would like to have sex with me, my number is...........(418)555-5555 HAHA WELL I DONT GIVE A RATS @SS! I DONT WANT A GIRL TO HAVE SEX WITH! I WANT A GUY!
    whilz 21/07/2009
    to shania (15:59, 06.06.2009); the gynocologist can only tell that your hymen was teared. however, they cannot tall whether the tear was caused by losing your virginity thru sex or phisical activities such as riding a bike. also, there is a law called "patient and provider's confidentiality act" or most of the times reffered to "patient privacy act". they should be following this even for parents. so next time you see your gynocologist, you can request for your parent not to be present during the exam. just tell them that you are embarrassed. also, the next time you rub yourself with your bf, have him wear a condom (there is no such thing as an accidental slip, trust me, i'm a guy, i know this things)to avoid the accidental slip. not only you will be protecting yourself from STD, but from the huge mistake of teenage pregnancy. hope this helped you.
    whilz 21/07/2009
    for shania (15:59, 06.06.2009); gynocologists can only tell that your hymen was teared. he/she cannot tell wheter you lost it from sex or physical activities. besides, there is such a thing that medical practitioner's follow which is called "patient and provider's confidentiality agreement" or most of the times reffered as "patient privacy act". don't sweat it. although, if you do want to stay safe, if you and your bf decided to "rub" each other again, have him wear a condom. so if he "accidentally slips again" (which there is no such thing as slipping, trust me, i'm a guy, i know")you won't end up taking a huge risk of not only from STD, but from being pregnant.
    princess 26/06/2009
    i want to know if robbing my bf penis on my vagina really means that i have disvirgined myself? and if my bf puts his finger in my vagina,does it means i am not a virgin?
    shania 06/06/2009
    are you sure that a doctor can tell by thorough examination how the hymen was torn????wether from penetration of penis or falling frm a bike??actually i always play with my rubbing his penis with my vulva...but the last time we were doing a split of a second..his penis slipped as i was very wet...and it stroke hard on my genitals..i thought nothing happend..but i started to bleed...i'm only 17 ...and i'm really scared if my parents found out what happend through a visit to a gynaecologist..plz help me out..i was planning to say that it happend when my bike fell in a pothole...but u r saying that it can be determined by a thorough examination..plz clear me out on this..i'm really reply soon
    mark 11/04/2009
    I could, even though I only had 2 virgins in my 53 years being here.
    At 22 year of age, after knowing her for 8 months I got engage to my soon
    to be wife. Shortly after on her 18th birthday, that I had my first sexual
    encounter with her.When I entered her, she did not have trouble and was quite comfortable just as it had been with the other girls who I had sex with and
    were not virgins. I told I had always thought she was a virgin. She told
    me she had sex before. We have been happly married for 29 yrs. When I was
    17, I was with a girl who was 13 and when I enter her it was very dificult for
    her. She did not bleed. She was scared and did not want to get pregnant. It was
    her first time. When I was 19 I had sex with 16 year old who also had trouble
    on her first sexual experience. She bled but very little. Girls thst were not
    virgins were not hard to enter.
    sheela 15/02/2009
    I am ready to inform that in ancient times Kings got the vulva and genitals examined by old lady/ladies to ensure fuckinng a clean unused vulva.
    The girl was forced to take bath in the presenceof and physical massage by old lady who would put her fingers inside vagina and lick and taste the genitals by cunnilingus and report to the KING that it is safe to use the girl in all positions ancan be used for vaginal sex after giving enema
    lies 26/11/2008
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