Giving A Woman Vaginal Orgasms – How To Make The G-Spot Work For You

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Orgasm is the be all and end all of any sexual activity that we engage in. This is because orgasm is the point where all the sexual pleasures that we experience during a sexual activity comes to its peak. There are predominantly two types of orgasm; the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm. The clitoral orgasm comes about by the proper stimulation of the clitoris while the vaginal orgasm comes about as a result of the proper stimulation of the G-spot.

During any sexual activity, it is very important and only normal that a woman achieves these two types of orgasms. Following the right proceedings, a woman should achieve the clitoral orgasm before achieving the vaginal orgasm.

The G-spot is located inside the vagina; it is a small bunch of nerves about the size of
a quarter located 1 - 2 inches inside and on the roof of the vaginal cavity. My best way to teach folks how to find this is with your fingers, slide your finger up inside along the upper wall of the vagina at about a forty five degree angle. You will feel a somewhat rough patch of tissue underneath your finger.

For you to get the G-spot to work for you, you must have given the woman at least two clitoral orgasms. By giving her two clitoral orgasms, you would unknowingly have caused the G-spot to become swollen and sexually activated. At this point, you can go for and achieve multiple G-spot orgasms.

Start by stroking her G-spot with one finger and depending on how tight she is you can increase it to two fingers and even three fingers. Start the stroking softly and increase the pressure of the stroking as soon as she begins to respond positively to the stroking.

Giving a woman a G-Spot orgasm will make you her most desired man but failure to not finish what you started i.e. improperly stimulating her G-spot thus making her not to achieve vaginal orgasm could have adverse effects on your sexual relationship with her.

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    Whether the female orgasm medically exists or does not exist had been a very hotly contested issue among medical professionals but the former has been proven to be true in recent times. Since it has been medically established that the female orgasm exists, the problem and point of argument now shifted to how to exactly and consistently give a woman this much desired orgasm.

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    Many women, who succeed in achieving earth-shattering orgasm during intercourse, select a penetration position which stimulates the clitoris during the intercourse. Women generally do not have an orgasm during intercourse, but through the stimulation of clitoris. Women find it a lot easier and indeed prefer to achieve orgasm through oral stimulation of the clitoris. It is difficult to give women intercourse orgasm before oral sex because of women anatomy.

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    A tight vagina without doubt holds a lot of unique advantages both sexually and otherwise, it is a vagina condition that almost every woman would give anything to keep having but unfortunately, during the course of one's life, certain events may lead to the looseness of her much adored tight vagina. Anyway, since these events such as child birth are also craved for, the only viable option is to seek for ways to tighten the vagina back up as soon as it becomes loose.

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    The word "orgasm" as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is "the moment during a sexual activity when feelings of sexual pleasure are at their strongest", in other words, it is that point during a sexual session when the participants achieve the most intense sexual pleasure. This point of most intense sexual pleasure is easily achievable by males but the major challenge here is the achievement of feminine orgasm.

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    Having a loose vagina is no abomination at all; in fact, the issue of vagina looseness is very common among women who are in their active child bearing years. Of course, developing a loose vagina is not a bad thing at all but the problem associated with having one is that it drastically reduces the pleasure that you can achieve from penetrative sex.

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    Yes, you can indeed effectively give any woman that you have a sexual relationship with multiple earth shattering orgasms despite the size of your penis. This claim is not fictitious; it is a well known fact among the inner circles of orgasm experts. If you are in doubt about the claim, then I would urge you to ask yourself why it is possible for women to achieve orgasm while masturbating, most of these women who achieve orgasm while masturbating do so without the aid of any sex toy.

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    As a sexual active woman, you are definitely entitled to not just single but multiple hot streaming orgasms each and every time that you are engaged in a sexual session. The fact that you have never achieved it all through your active sexual life does not mean that you are excluded from those who should ever reach this point of maximum feminine sexual pleasure.

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    If you could just snap out of your ignorance and take a little time to find out about the female orgasm then you would certainly come to the knowledge that your inability to give a woman orgasm has nothing what-so-ever to do with the size of your penis. Have you ever asked yourself a question such as, if orgasm depends on the penis, why then do women achieve orgasm simply by engaging in the act of masturbation?

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    There is no doubt about the fact that orgasm is the single most desired point that every woman wants to get to during a sexual encounter but unfortunately, only very few women get to this point regularly during their active sex life. A few more women achieve it sparingly through out their entire life and many women never achieve it at all, with many of them resorting to faking it.

    By: M.J Scottl Sexualityl 07/01/2010 lViews: 343
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