G Spot - Hit the G-spot Every Time!

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You will learn here how to find the G-spot with your partner, and once finding it, use of a special sexual position to stimulate it, and bring her quickly to climax after climax (once you learn the technique).

To find the G-spot, you need to know what it is, where it is located, and how to identify it.

What is the G Spot

The G-spot is named after the German doctor (a gynecologist) Ernst Graftenburg.

It is an area inside the vagina, on its front wall.

When this area is stimulated with the correct pressure it often evokes an orgasm. You can locate it as it corresponds to the area where the urethra is nearest to the top of the vaginal wall. The urethra is the opening where a woman urinates.

Finding the G spot

There are several opinions to exactly where the G-spot is, and indeed it varies from woman to woman. You can be sure however that is somewhere from the urethral opening on to the termination of the vagina.

Using one or two fingers, insert them inside your partner's vagina, touching the top of the vaginal wall. You will feel a lattice-work of muscle tissue, and somewhere in that lattice is the real G-spot. Be very careful how you touch it. Too little pressure and your partner will feel nothing. Too much pressure and she will experience an unpleasant pain.

pleasuring the G Spot

Once you have located it, you have three methods to employ it to pleasure your partner.

The first method is while performing cunnilingus re-insert two fingers and apply a steady and firm (but not rough) pressure to the G-spot. After about 20 minutes of cunnilingus, and pressure, your partner should experience a steady and strong orgasm.

The second method is by intercourse, with the man laying on his back and woman mounted on top. The man needs do nothing at all, just have an erection and let the woman move and she will press her own G-spot against the man's penis. Orgasm is assured.

The third method is a sexual position known as Kneel and Heels. The woman lays on her back, with the man sitting on his thighs in front of her.

The woman will place her heels on the man's chest with her legs slightly apart. The man then penetrates the woman, and does not move or thrust, but rather leans back a bit, insuring his penis is firmly touching the vaginal wall.

The woman rather wiggles and undulates. The man's penis will be in an upward tilt and pressing against the G-spot. After some minutes, the woman will experience a strong orgasm, as the same position also stimulates the clitoris.

It must be remembered that to stimulate the G-spot one must apply both intense and constant local pressure in unison.

The man simply thrusting is not effective in this case. I

If the man can hold on long enough, his partner will experience an orgasm that is both deep and long-lasting.

An interesting variation in sexual position is known as the Horse position.

The woman is lying down on her back with the man standing. Again her heels are pressed to the man's chest, and he can penetrate and instead of trusting, he simply moves with his penis fully inserted into the vagina.

The experienced man can understand where the G-spot is, and a firm and constant pressure brings the desired result.

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