Four Simple Secrets to Turn on Your Man - Seduction Secrets From the Non-so-pretty “siren”

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The compatible woman - Men love women with a sense of humor. Another turn on for your man would be your do express your sexual desires in ways that are not too subtle and not too direct too - talk dirty!

The lasting presence - The scent of a woman is actually among the first things that makes a great impression and can surely turn on your man. So choose your perfume wisely - you may not want to smell like the one from the "gentleman's club" nor do you want to smell like your laundry detergent, choose a few nice light but memorable scents.Also, make sure that your dose is not too liberal! That might make him allergic - against your desire to turn on your man. For

Fun with Food - Rhymes well and is a superb way to turn on your man - Yes! Especially if he is a "foodie", this one will turn on your man! Techniques from a Kamasutra include ones where you have honey on your nipples and have him lick it off. Try these to turn him on:

Make him a cake and let him eat it off you. Then eat if off him!

Fudge and whipped cream - get creative and seduce your man...

Buy a bottle of his favorite wine or liquor (Beer won't work) Make him lick it off you as you dribble it on different parts of your body. Tell him that if any gets on the floor, he will be severely punished. Wine is a pleasant intoxicant and will also set the mood for a great turn on for your man.

The "tie" trick - Buy your man a tie. When you are talking to him during the course of the day, mention that you have a little gift for him. When he is back from work, show it to him...around your neck with nothing else on. This will turn on your man. However, the "nudity surprise" has to be tried in moderation for the mystery to still remain. For more such tips visit

Wet Wet Wet! - You will turn him on when he sees you fresh out of the shower and wet. It may be easy to dry off even when you don't want to - so no harm in rubbing some baby oil at the top and around the neckline. Just some of that will retain water drops and keep you glowing and wet at the right places. It's a major turn on for men to see a partially dressed woman wet. Seduction guaranteed!

The Male G-spot - A bit radical for those who haven't yet tried. Try this just in moderation and just when foreplay is about to end. Men love it when a woman caresses his bottom, runs a finger between his cheeks and probes - just a little bit. Every seductress has this in her tricks to turn on men. A better way, however, would be first try the caressing and if it does turn your man on - go further - no stopping! For more free tips and newsletters on almost every "man seduction" topic visit

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    cythia 29/12/2008
    Hmm...a good collection of tips to turn on my man. I did try the "male G-spot" and it seems to work well but he prefers it only sometimes. talk about the male ego..
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