Foreplay Tips - the Best Ways to Make Her Hot and Bothered, Instanty!

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Any man that cannot master foreplay will never be a superb lover for any woman.  You can be the master in the master bedroom for your woman or you can be the one that every woman wants over and over because you are just that good.  However, to get to this point you need to know about these foreplay tips because without them you will be one of the majority that cannot perform well in bed.

I know you are thinking that you don't have any issues because either your woman has spared your feelings or you have too much male pride to believe you are not good in bed. However, let me tell you that if you could be timed on a stop watch or you are not the type to get finished and notice that you just spent at the minimum of an hour making love, then you are doing something wrong.

I am not saying you need to be pumping hard for a good hour, but the entire act should take at least that long.  One of the things that women absolutely love is the timelessness of love making.  This means that they can lose track of time and the rest of the world does not matter.  The only thing that matters is you and her and what you are in the process of doing.

Now onto the foreplay tips that you must know if you want your woman to be pleased enough to crave you on a regular basis. 

First, and this is one of the very important foreplay tips that usually gets skipped, you have to know when foreplay starts.  Most will think that it starts whenever you both start touching each other in one way or another, but these men would be dead wrong.  Women require foreplay that goes on for days sometimes before they are ready to give you themselves.  Foreplay starts right now and right after you finish making love. 

I am sure this is confusing, but it will make sense in a minute.  When she asks you to do something small like pick up the dry cleaning and you not only do that, but you also pick her up some flowers, this is foreplay.  When you are both getting ready for work in the morning and you pass her in the kitchen, give her a nice hug from behind and a hot little breath right on the back of her neck.  This will pay off later when you both get home.

It is little things like this that start the foreplay and not taking her shirt off or making out with her.  You could also leave her a little sexy note that she finds during the day or send her a bit of a dirty text message for her to discover at lunch.  These are all great forms of foreplay and she will be getting hotter and hotter all day if you do this correctly.

The next one of the foreplay tips is probably my favorite.  This is the one of the foreplay tips that allows you to get a little revenge on any woman that was ever the tease to you.  You get to become the tease and this will take some self control on your part.  Once you are in the bedroom you need to slow things down from the normal and take a lot of time to really be into her. 

Instead of just ripping her clothes off you should start to feel under her shirt a little and above it.  Kiss her neck, collar bone, down her spine, all over her stomach, her inner thighs, and everywhere except her nipples and her vagina.  This wil drive her absolutely wild.  Take it step by step and remove the clothing very slowly while you tease her endlessly. 

She will be so hot and bothered by the time you get down to intercourse that she might have an orgasm within a couple of minutes.  The foreplay that is actually physical should last at a minimum of 15 minutes depending on how long it has been for her and what the situation is.  If you show her that you are so interested in pleasing her that you are willing to take all the time in the world to make it happen, then she will return the favor and go to great lengths to give you what you desire.

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