Foreplay Ideas – Amazing Foreplay Ideas to Wild Your Partner

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Enjoying a great sex life and long lasting intimacy well into your golden years is important for a relationship.  Yet, mastering the art of foreplay is the key to achieving this enduring sensual relationship.  So, to help you keep things fresh and exciting, here are some few foreplay ideas that can ignite and light fire in any romance. 

  • Try a role reversal.  Switching places can have a shockingly sexual effect on both men and women. This erotic foreplay idea gives women the chance to be more sexually dominant than usual; while the man has to submit to her desires.  The role reversal foreplay idea is sexy because it's thrilling to see what your lady will do to you. 
  • Do some dirty dancing.  Though it may seem simple, dancing is a great foreplay idea because of the various levels of excitements.  You can choose the dance that best suits the type of sex that you both want to have.  Sweet slow dances for more sensual experiences.  Sexy physical moves for more exciting and erotic sexual displays. 
  • Upgrade your foreplay.  Thanks to technology you no longer have to wait until you are home for erotic foreplay-ideas.  Sending your lover sexy pictures, hot and steamy "sex messages," and dirty instant messages, can help you heighten the anticipation. These foreplay ideas keep you in the mood all day long and allow your best sexual attribute to go to work -- your imagination. 
  • Start a fantasy night tradition.  Monotony is the hallmark of a horrible sex life.  Fantasy nights are great ways to spice up your love life.  Decide to rent a hotel room and spend the entire day acting out your ideal sexual roles and fantasies.  You can pretend you are having elicit affairs – you as a politician secretly seeing an escort, and the possibilities are endless. 
  • Sometimes the sexiest thing you can do is ask.  Foreplay-ideas are only good when they bring pleasure to both partners.  So try asking each other what things you both like.  Learning the little things that drive your partner wild will make everything else work.  Sure it may seem simple.  But the reality is people are too worried about judgment and their insecurities to discuss what they like. Don't be shy, showing that you want to please is always a sexy thing to do.

Remember, good foreplay ideas will keep you both having great sex for years to come.

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