Female Stimulation Tip - Breast/Nipple Fondling

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Undoubtedly, a woman's breasts rank up high on the erogenous zones list. Breasts have many nerve endings that it doesn't really require a lot of effort to stimulate a woman via her breasts or nipples. However, simple stimulation is not what we're after, right? You want her to be really sensually turned on when you start paying attention to her breasts.

Think of it this way: be the man who's so good at stimulating her via her breasts that she feels like she's reaching a climax.

How to Treat Her Breasts Properly

When it comes to breast or nipple fondling, women have two major complaints. The first is that men manhandle their breasts, and two, men don't give their breasts enough attention! Just like passionate kissing, it seems that most men pay attention to breasts during lovemaking only for a few short minutes. (Yes, the required few minutes of foreplay prior intercourse.)

Let's address the first thing first. I know you're in the throes of passion but really, there's no reason to be rough with her breasts. How would you like it if we were rough on your manhood? So be gentle and don't grab and squeeze. In fact, the gentler you are, the more turned on we women get!

Secondly, women's nipples can be a real source of erotic sexuality so it's a shame not to stimulate us longer via our nipples. Think of it this way: the more attention our breasts receive, the higher the chances of us reaching an orgasm, which of course earns major bonus sex points for you!
How to Give Her a Breast Massage

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty, how can you best lavish attention on your woman's breasts tonight?

First, why not give her a breast massage? Ask your partner to sit naked in front of you. (You can also have her lie down with her head on your lap.) Reach forward, embrace her, and then start cupping her breasts. Stroke her breasts slowly with circular movements. (Movement should be counterclockwise on the right breast, and clockwise on the left breast.) Do this for at least 35 times.

Naughty tip: While giving her a breast massage, kiss and nibble the back of her neck and her shoulders.

Now, do the `cup and hold'. Gently cup her breasts and simply cover them with your hands. The heat from your palms will soon transcend to her breast and into her body.

The techniques are all meant to relax your lover's mind while sexually stimulating her at the same time. But after the breast massage, it's time to really stimulate her! Read on to see what pleasure techniques you can use on her tonight.

6 Ways to Lavish Attention on Her Breast Tonight

One: During foreplay, feel free to fondle her breasts. (Again, fondle, not manhandle.) Draw lazy circles around her breasts and when her nipples are erect, open your hands and with your palms lying flat on her nipples, gently draw open circles. Be sure that your palms are `barely touching' her nipples. This `barely there' feeling is guaranteed to sexually stimulate your woman!

Two: Sniff her nipples. Yes, sniff. Bring your nose close to her erect nipple and start to inhale her scent.

Three: Butterfly kiss her nipples. This means you position your eyes till they're but a breath away from her nipples and then flutter them open and close. The feel of your eyelids brushing faintly, yet frantically against her nipples is guaranteed to drive her crazy!

Four: Lick the sides of her breasts with long, wet licks. Place your tongue flat on her chest or underneath her breast and from there lick till you reach the very top of her nipple 9apply a bit of pressure). Once at the top, slide your tongue so that her erect nipple is at the very end of your tongue... now flick your tongue over her nipple.

Five: Be like a puppy and apply short, wet and frantic licks on her erect nipple.

Six: Suck your woman's breasts. Kiss her nipple and then slowly lower your mouth so that it engulfs her whole breast or as much as you can take in). Now slowly pull your mouth upwards, sucking ever so gently as you pull up. A variation of this is to gently apply a bit of teeth against her breast as you pull up.

There you have it. Six wonderful ways to sexually arouse your woman via her breasts and nipples. Try one or all of the above tips and I guarantee, she'll be VERY grateful to you.

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