Female Erogenous Zones - 7 Female Hot Spots You Need To Know About

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Did you know what the female erogenous sections are? For many men, finding these hot spots on a lady is secondary to the activity of having sex. But beware, unless you tease these spots sometimes sex can get very boring to her and this can lead to Problems in the relationship.

Sex should be an entire body experience and girls definitely appreciate this more than men. Men like to get into a routine this can become sensible after awhile if some imagination isn't used.

Foreplay means knowing how to hit a female's erogenous zones. They are the places that stimulate her in the warm up and if you need to become vital to her in bed then keep reading as we list 7 spots that can put you up on her pedestal.

These female erogenous hot spots are not the be all and end all but more a combination of some of the areas you normally overlook but are forceful stimulation points you should be using. Also remember each woman is dissimilar and likes or dislikes different areas being played with so you need to get to know your woman to discover what she really likes.

Top Female Erogenous Zones

- While the breasts will seem like an obvious stimulation spot, many men go about it wrong and handle them too approximately. Light is the operative word here and instead of using the whole hand, use your index finger instead to massage the nipples but don't overdo it. Do this in short bursts before moving onto other areas. This is about intriguing her and giving her sufficient stimulation to have her desiring more.
- Another obvious spot is her lips. Many wouldn't think about this as a female erogenous sector but the easy fact is you can excite them in such a fashion that she will respond accordingly. Playing with her top and bottom lips by biting gradually and licking them is a great forerunner to what is to follow.

- The armpit may not appeal to most people but this is an area that can send her into orbit...literally. Simply by lightly licking the area will excite her but one word of caution, wipe the area with a towel before doing this.

- The feet are a female erogenous zone that must be top of your list during foreplay or sexual massage. They are definitely a known hot spot. Many men know this and each has their own special style of massaging and stimulating them. One thing you can try is massaging her feet with a warm massage oil and then breathe on the base of her feet. Customarily works a treat.

- Do not miss her toes. Most ladies love having their toes stimulated and the gloomy part is, many men simply don't consider them. Grab a little towel and clean between her toes and then focus on her big toe. Massage the bottom of it with your thumb and do the same for her other toes. Follow each little massage with a light touch of the tongue.

- Her butt is another hot spot but not in the way you are in all likelihood thinking. One method is to apply massage oil to her buttocks and gently work it in at first before becoming firmer and firmer. Don't overdo this as you would like to move onto other areas and we are looking for the whole body massage experience.

- The wrists are unknown erogenous sections on a woman but did you know most girls adore having their wrists licked and lightly massaged. Snuggle them with your nose and lips and even chew on them. This may really send her into another world and she will love you for it.

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    Erogenous zones are those unique places in her body that generate sexual arousal when stimulated. And so if you know her erotic zones and apply your lustful imagination on them, you can make having sex with her a whole-body experience.

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    Did you know that women are just as much to blame in many circumstances for any female orgasm problem they may be having?

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