Excessive Vaginal Wetness - Get to Know Your Options

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Many are mistaken that excessive vaginal wetness is a great advantage on sexual intercourse. For maximum performance a certain level of wetness is recommended. Too much of it reduces sexual pleasure. In a woman, great stimulation along the vaginal wall is lost. Men love it tight and when excess juices are released they do not feel the firm grip on their manhood. For pleasurable sexual overtures, optimum level of friction is needed. Too much lubricants reduces the friction thus reducing the sensation. For most women heightened arousal results to much wetness. As they become more aroused they become more wet. Men suffer more due to excessive vaginal wetness taking into consideration that high number of women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

It is good to get rid of excessive vaginal wetness in order to enjoy sexual intercourse while possible. If you suspect such a disorder it is good to visit the doctor. This clears any fear of infection. For pleasure purposes though it is worth the agony of looking for suggestion. Among the medical options their is preventing the cervix from secreting the lubricants. This can be done through lasering or freezing the cervix, electrical stimulation, or magnetic field treatment. You can also opt for surgery but this should be the last option. Their is no guarantee that the condition will not be back after few days or months. all these are trials to curb the situation.

There are non-medical options to prevent excessive vaginal wetness. It is believed for a fact that, if something makes the mouth dry it can make the vagina dry too. This has been used as a remedy for vagina wetness. Things like alcohol are known to dehydrate the mouth. Many argue that alcohol, cigarettes can regulate the vagina wetness thus increasing sexual pleasure. While choosing a condom brand, use a ribbed condom or a penis sleeve. If all these remedies are unavailable do it locally. Wrap a piece of absorbent cloth or towel around two fingers and insert them in the vagina. This soaks the excess juices and reduces the wetness. The genital area can as well be blown by by a fan. This makes the wetness to evaporate.

Excessive vaginal wetness can be a real pain in the neck and people do all they can if only to avoid it. Inserting an ice cube in to the vagina helps in contracting the walls. The penis gets the firm grip. This can also be achieved using sex positions which narrow the vagina. If you are the man, reposition her in a way that her legs will not be far apart. Vaginal cones can also help in a great way but much patience is needed. Just like any other exercise persistence is needed. It makes the muscle strong to give that tight feeling to a man. Absorb shun natural powder can be used to absorb excess wetness. This is a perfect regulator since the more powder you use the more the absorption. You can be able to achieve the right friction easily. Their are also vaginal creams which are advertised through the Internet. They are said to offer a good solution to excessive vaginal wetness.

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    A healthy vagina - the vagina, as the body of the passageway between the outside and the inside of the reproductive organs. Infections occurring in the interest of balance will reduce the pH of the vagina, which is acidic. The acidic environment in general - is created by the damage caused by the bacteria.

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    Vaginal yeast infection is caused mainly due to the fungus called as Candida Albicans. It is usually resided in the gastro-intestinal tract and in our vagina canal. This fungus is present in the body since our birth and completely harmless when it is kept under control.

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    It really is totally common for the vagina to experience a vaginal discharge. A white vaginal discharge nevertheless is a very good clue of a issue.

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