Ejaculating Too Soon? Secret to Stop Premature Ejackulation

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Are you ejaculating too soon in bed?

If the answer is yes, don't worry because:

A - You are not alone and you are not the only early bird. Nearly 36 million guys cannot last more than 5 minutes during intercourse.

B - I found a way to stop e-jaculating too early, BUT I also found some not so impressive solutions along the way.

The not so impressive solutions include things like desensitizing creams and lotiong, extra thick condoms, and pills. Don't get me wrong, because these work to some extent. I mean, they prevent you from e-jaculation as early as normal, BUT they do not solve the problem forever AND you would have to pay for each product evertime you do not want to be part of the 36 million early birg club.

Did you know that the companies that make these desensitizing products make billions of dollars per year to make you feel sex LESS? That's astounding.

So, "steer me in the right direction" you say!

OK. To get down to the real solution to stop premature e-jaculation, we need to understand the most probable cause.

The most probable cause of e-jaculating early is likely due to poor m-asturbation habits. When you first did this deed, you probably felt a certain stigma attached to it either consciously or sub consciously.

Naturally, to avoid getting caught in the act young men tend to simply get the job done as quickly as possible. Besides, a young man does not need to romance himself to get ready for the act. So we hurry the process along so that we don't unexpectedly have our mom or dad or anyone else walk in on us. We actually condition ourselves to ejaculate too soon. ONce we've done this for years and years, it becomes a virtually unbreakable cycle that rears it's ugly head in your bedroom as early e-jaculatoin with your girl during intercourse.

So, what to do?

Easy! Forget the quick fixes. They don't solve your problem for good.

The SECRET here is to use a guide that teaches you how to re-train yourself mentally and pyhsically. Once you follow the simple instructions to reprogram yourself (body and mind), you will not be in the 36 million member "e-jaculating too early" club.

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