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Manliness is created by GOD to be passionate, wonderful and exciting. This may come as surprise to you that majority of males personality falls into boyish category. Their body language, voice tonality, nice guy attitude type things are disappointed and lack of self esteem for women.

From women point of view, Dominant traits are defined as positive body language, success, energy and strong identity. Though you can master and learn all of them but when it comes to sex, almost every man get fail in it because they not have idea on how to dominate their sex life. Manliness is not about single thing, you have to master everything in order to dominate your life because man with successful traits is KING.


He is active and holds charge of his life

Surrounds himself with successful people

He is excited every morning for what the day has in store for him

Great with people (sociable interesting person)

Lead people in successful manner

He is relaxed, confident and decisive

Keeps his words

Sexually attractive

Most of the people make woman giggle but still they fail to generate super attraction. If you active these above traits in your life and after that make girl laugh then the super attraction will make the girl think to herself "I want to do sex with this guy".


Women need to feel your Masculinity.  She needs to feel that if she is alone with you, she would be in danger to have wild sex with you. This sexual presence creates super attraction and projects your manliness to women.

There are several ways to dominate her sexually.

Make her stand on feet and enter her from back. This sex position makes woman think like she is being ravished by strong man

Many times women love to be ravished by a sexual beast. Skip foreplay and provide her mindless sex pleasure.

Take her in your arms, carry her to bed/couch and you will turn her on way more then putting your hand inside her pant.

Your masculine presence while lovemaking makes her feel your maleness which is the same feeling as being aware of her femininity. She will start to open into a more sexualized mood.

Roughly grab her by arms, legs or whatever body part but do not tell her and forcefully manhandle her into next position you want.

Girls go crazy when you pull their hairs back, stand behind them, kiss/sucks their necks and whisper dirty words in their ears.

By these few dominant traits, you can make girls go wild by experiencing best lover ever. When anticipation leads the sexual tension in right way then instruments of woman gives the loveliest and wildest melody.

Learn the secrets of female instruments, be her best lover and take your love life to expert level with these Wild Love Making guides.

Learn the in-depth secrets and make your girl/wife/woman drool over you. Create Intimacy in your relationships and Change Your Life forever.

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    She is not crazy... She is Woman. The only thing is that Man are crazy by being girlish and forgotten his manliness. Once you be a man and satisfy her sexually then she will also love being with you.

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    A survey conducted by Health and Wellness institute, UK in 2009 revealed the fact that male ego acts as a stumbling block in curing PE (PE).Apart from a few very developed countries and in some exceptional cases, our society as a whole, is male dominated. In zoological term, there is no separate kingdom for man like ‘man kingdom'

    By: Manu Thomasl Sexualityl 27/07/2010 lViews: 18

    People lack sexual confidence in their personalities to physically and emotionally turn on a woman. Women always realize whether they dealing with girlish boy or with a confident MAN. It is a natural thing to feel lack of sexual confidence around women.

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    A sexual pleasure master knows that the first step to send women into sexual orbits is to create sexual intimacy in relationships. Unfortunately, many men are eager to know that how to give a woman orgasm but they forget that this is the basic step that can lead them towards intense sexuality.

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    People always wish to be like those sexual experts who keep sexual women around them. Unfortunately, it is a dream for an average person these days to fulfill the every romantic and sexual desire of his life. Although it is easy to have hot date but when it comes sexuality, men often get fail to be the master of women.

    By: chrisl Sexualityl 23/06/2010 lViews: 175

    Men are an easy target to be judged by women. They are logical, with fear in their heads and almost survive boring life style. They always dream to be accompanied by a strikingly lovely young brunette with a pure-white German shepherd as their future girlfriend/wife. But when time comes, they try too hard not to even look at her because of their insecurity.

    By: chrisl Sexualityl 23/06/2010 lViews: 155

    Have you ever thought that why most of the couples are not sexual in their long term relationships? Well, it is because they never project rich sexual traits in their daily lives. The most incredible thing about sexual couples is that they have millions of things to explore and this thing keeps on burning the flames of passion in their entire lives.

    By: chrisl Sexualityl 23/06/2010 lViews: 107

    Marriage life happiness always depends on affirmations, emotions and sexuality. There are many myths about marriages that they bring harmony in your life alone. It is wrong because people believe that they can find their partners according to their expectations but they often get fail.

    By: chrisl Sexualityl 23/06/2010 lViews: 59

    Men always try to find out that what is in a woman mind. Many become lucky and dominate women mind by understanding feminine psychology. Women also attract towards these kind of certain man because they always create extreme attraction. So once you dominate feminine psychology then you will become the bingo moment for women.

    By: chrisl Sexualityl 23/06/2010 lViews: 298

    Many people in this world get more incredible sex than it should be allowed. It is all because they focus in quality of sex instead of quantity. They fulfill the sexual needs in their relationship because they know that a sexual life is very valuable in healthy marriage.

    By: chrisl Sexualityl 23/06/2010 lViews: 139

    Men always get fail to understand the different types of energy of women. They are trying to recognize this mystery by reading several guides. Those guides are helpful though but still they lack to escalate the power of sexual energy inside women these days.

    By: chrisl Sexualityl 23/06/2010 lViews: 277
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