Do Women Lust For You? Here's How to Make it Happen!

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Every guy has at least some desire, some urge to have women lust after them. After all, it's kind of the "ultimate" male fantasy. To have a woman feel so much lust, so much sexual attraction, that she feels like she has to have you. Admittedly, not many men ever get to have this play out in their reality. Does that mean it won't happen for YOU?

Not at all. Here's how you can make it happen:

1. Become unavailable for her. This can absolutely drive a woman wild. See, women are used to having men chase after them. To be honest, even the very plain ones will have at least a couple of guys on their tail. So, when you turn the tables and become unavailable to a woman, it confuses her. It gets her mind wondering. She starts to want you. And she has to have what she wants. You become her desire.

2. Build sexual attraction. You cannot just dive in. You have to build sexual attraction with a woman if you want her to really want you. To do this, you have to be able to work in levels or steps. Do this right and you can have her falling for you very fast. And if you pull away at the last moment, well, she will be HOOKED on YOU!

3. Tantalize her with your wit. All this really means is you have to be able to make a woman laugh. She knows that she wants to spend time with you, and she is going to want to enjoy herself. That meas you got to be able to make her laugh.

Learn how to sexually attract women you desire.

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