Dirty Talk - Learn How To Turn Him On With Words

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I'm sure you've heard the saying that men are turned on by what they see and that women are turned on by what they hear. Although the first part of that sentence is correct, it should say that men get turned on by what they see and hear. Men are turned on by the sound of a woman's voice especially when their woman is murmuring her pleasure during intimate moments. Men want to know that they are making you feel good. Most women are shy when it comes to talking dirty because we worry what our partner is going to think of us when the loving is done and depending on the man you could be right.

What's Stopping You?

Embarrassment is a major hurdle you have to cross before mastering the art of dirty talk. Most women have been taught all of their lives to be polite and ladylike, so when it comes time for those words to come out of their mouths, the words tend to get stuck in the back of their throats. Besides that, you don't want what you say to sound corny or rehearsed, even though you may have been rehearsing what you were going to say all day long while you were at work, you don't want it to sound that way. You also don't want to say something that turns your partner off either.

How To Get Started?

This where I feel most people miss the boat. Most of us think of the bedroom when considering dirty talk, but it should really start before you even get to the bedroom. Start out with a sexy e-mail or text. Keep it simple and light. You could say something like: "I can't wait to feel your body pressed against mine tonight!" His response should give you an idea of what direction your next message can take. Kick it up a notch and pay attention to his reaction. If he isn't receptive then you know you've reached the proverbial line you don't want to cross. If he hits you back with something sexier then game on! Remember, this is about you too, so you must decide just how far you want to go as well.
What To Say?

Dirty talk during the day starts foreplay before you even see one another. Remind him of something he did that turned you on during your last lovemaking session. You could text something like: "I loved that thing you did with your tongue the other night." Not only will he be thinking about the last time you had sex, but his imagination will be running wild and by the time you are face to face, you will be the excited recipient of the passion that's been building all day long. When you do move things to the bedroom (if you make it there), use sighs and moans at first to let him know how you feel when he's touching you. Ask him how he feels when you're touching him. "How does it feel when I do this?" is a great way to get the dirty talk started.

Let's Get It Started!

Once things really start to heat up, you can start to use sexy words to communicate your pleasure. Use words that are comfortable for you. Based on his earlier responses, you should have an idea of just how much you can say. He may very well surprise you with some sexy talk of his own, and you guys may end up saying things to each other that you've never said before. This is a great thing. Don't worry that he'll go too far. After all, the messages you sent to him have given him an idea of what he can say as well. Believe me, he doesn't want to cross the proverbial line either because he wants the opportunity to come back and do it again. Adding a little or a lot of dirty talk to your relationship will definitely spice things up and will take your lovemaking to a whole new level. Over time you will discover exactly what words to use and your shyness will melt away like ice cream on a hot summer's day. Want more? Get weekly lovemaking tips for ideas on how to keep things sizzling in the bedroom today.

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