Carolina's Male To Female Transformation Story

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For years I lived an incomplete life as Alberto.  Then, one day I found the courage to bring out my true self.  I became Carolina and started to live my dream.

As I was growing up, many of my questions remained unanswered and so my quest to explore my true identity deepened.  My family was, and still is, very conservative in its views.  So it comes as no surprise that my interest in women's clothes was frowned upon and any desire to deviate from the norm was disallowed.  To this day, they are angry with my decision.

But this isn't about them.  It's about me.  I am now free to express myself as the person I was always meant to be.  Most importantly, I am happy.
I live in Mexico and have spent most of my life working in Education.  Although I have experienced discrimination from the people that I work with, the Authorities have been very supportive in accepting my new identity.  They have been keen to ensure that my rights and job security are not compromised.

My neighbours and friends have treated me with respect and dignity, for which I am truly grateful.  There will always be someone in the street that can't resist making a stupid comment or cracking a joke.  But, I've become accustomed to this and don't let it get me down.  I know that they mean no harm.

The world is changing and becoming more tolerant.  What was once considered taboo is now widely accepted and people are free to express themselves as they choose.  I still live in the hope that one day my family will be able to accept Carolina, unconditionally.

I face many challenges, and perhaps always will.  But I'm ready to face them and take comfort in the knowledge that I'm not alone.  The internet has allowed me to make many new friends and share my experiences with people who understand me and actually care.  This has given me the strength to carry on and be true to myself.

This is my life... my world... my dream.  I am at peace knowing that I can finally be me.

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