Boost Libido Through Natural Ways

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Here are ways to boost your libido naturally. Sex drive is a basic instinct like hunger and thirst. Though people say it goes down with age, with these steps, men and women can boost libido no matter what your age:

Aphrodisiac Food: Eat seafood, it is a huge libido booster, particularly Mediterranean mussels, these have amino acids that directly rev up the sexual hormones in both women and men. For women particularly, celery or funnel have natural oestrogen like substance that can boost the libido of the females.

Also go for food and wines that have smells that mimic human pheromones. Pheromones are body scenes that excite the senses, some of the good ones include champagne, chocolates, truffles, cucumber and licorice Coffee can be a great aphrodisiac, and the aroma of coffee can definitely tingle the senses. .

Ban sex: Do not masturbate and ban sex for a week. Refrain from these activities for a week and if you ban intercourse for a week, but touch each other sensual without going too far; can really pump up the libido.
Read a sexy novel but stay away from porn: Erotic literature, that of the sensuous, thrilling variety can be a huge turn for women. Watch too much porn can in fact, kill the sex drive because the senses tend to become saturated and nothing is left for imagination. Watch moves or read material that are so near yet so far. Also compared to visuals on screen, the written word is more subtle and makes you maddeningly imaginative.

Exercises: Exercises can not only improve your pelvic postures but also make blood flow freely to the genitals. Strentghening core muscles through Yoga or Pilates can boost your libido like never before. A simple exercise to improve a man's or a woman's libido is to do a parallel squat with a netball between the legs, this builds tension from the thighs to the pelvic muscles

Make some time for each other, make less time for the other: Most married couples face this problem where there is so much to do in life, look after kids, work pressures, home pressures that there is hardly any time for bedroom action. There is lack of intimacy; so the best thing to do is make some time for each other. Drop your kids off with your mother or baby-sitter and share some intimate moments with each other.

There can be another problem, where too much intimacy can suffocate the relationship and make it dry. This usually happen when couples are in sight of each other, all the time. It makes more sense to step back and develop interests, where you can give each other space that will increase the yearning and lust for each other.

Invest in sexy clothing: There is nothing like sexy lingerie for an instant turn-on. Lacy stockings, matching suspenders, cheeky knickers or even an Indian oufit like a saree which exposes yet covers can be quite teasing.
Cook for your mate: Women find it very attractive in males if their men cook for them or even help them with washing clothes or looking after their kids.

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    Here are ways to boost your libido and sex drive naturally. Sex drive is a basic instinct like hunger and thirst. Though people say it goes down with age, with these steps, men and women can boost libido no matter what your age:

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