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Dominance is a key element that affects everything that happens in the bedroom. All women deeply desire to surrender themselves to a dominant man. Without it, sexual excitement is hardly even existent. For most this concept is easy enough to understand. But to really incorporate dominance into who you are is much harder. You can't just behave dominantly just because you want to excite your woman in bed; dominance is about being dominant as a person.

But how exactly do you become more dominant in bed? One way to become more dominant is to work on your physique. Actually your physique is only beneficial to how dominant you come across. If you want to become bigger and stronger then you can always start to work out and eat healthy. But you don't have to worry if have a slim posture, as physique is only a small part that can improve your perceived dominance.

Because dominance is so important it will be the first thing you need to focus on as it influences all the other parts of having sex. Let us not forget that we grow up with the idea that women are little angels that want to make love, not have real sex. However this cannot be further from the truth. Don't believe me? Then read "My Secret Garden" by Nancy Friday. Even the most virtuous women have fantasies that can easily be a lot more bold then yours.
Due to society and social programming women need to put up this facade that will protect them from being labeled offensively. But let us not forget that women love sex, perhaps even more than we men do. Some women even experience this literally as a split within their personality.

Now why is dominance so important? It's because it adds psychological stimulation which is way more important than physical stimulation. Psychological stimulation creates sexual tension while it also stimulates all kinds of emotions within a woman which will make sex that much more exciting.

Important is how you act in the bedroom. This involves knowing clearly that you as a man are naturally dominant and that she as a woman is submissive. Even though a woman will never tell you, they do deeply crave to have sex with a dominant man. It also means that you need to let go of the fear of offending and disrespecting her, as how counter-intuitive it might seem to you, fulfilling her wish to have sex with a dominant man is actually respecting her true desires.

Another important point is when starting out use a few techniques like dirty talk and spanking to increase your dominance at the moment your woman is extremely aroused. Once you see for yourself that your woman loves how you were dominant you can use them whenever you want and you'll naturally become a more dominant person, until your dominant mindset becomes so powerful that it won't even cost you any conscious effort.

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    ok my girl likes it rough but im the type of person that it hurts me to be rough in bed i think im hurting them but im not sure
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