Are Male Chastity Stories Fact Or Fiction?

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So, you have stumbled upon an unusual website with a chastity page full of erotic tales about males wearing male chastity belts and submitting to the wishes of their dominant mistresses. You are wondering - what it’s all about?  Can these stories be real?

Hello. My name is Mistress Sara. For years, I've been a huge proponent of male chastity and the male chastity belt lifestyle, because I firmly believe that it can help nearly any relationship become more intimate, romantic and deeply sensual.

While male chastity has been practiced for hundreds of years – and was huge during the Victorian era – it as exploded in popularity over the past decade. The reason for its growing popularity is the Internet, which has allowed people to be exposed to sexual and romantic ideas they might have never considered before.

One of the things that get many couples initially interested in the male chastity lifestyle is erotic stories they read on the Internet. The most popular of these sites, Altar Boy, ( contains hundreds of different pieces of erotic fiction about male chastity belts in modern relationships and marriages.

While they are all very exciting, they do make many couples ask if the events described in these stories could really happen, or if are they just simply fantasy – in other words, are male chastity stories fact or fiction?

The best answer I can give is that it's a little bit of both. Yes, it's a fact that many couples have incorporated male chastity into their marriages. That's why male chastity belts are one of the most popular sex toys sold on the market. It's also true that using chastity belts to help stop the husband's dirty little masturbation habits has brought the romance and fire back to most of these relationships.

That said, there is a lot of fantasy in these stories as well. Remember, we are all individual people; every relationship is unique. Not everyone would respond the same way to the same type of stimulation. That's why you have to also take these stories with a grain of salt.

Beyond that, there are many common themes in these stories that would not work well in real life – so make sure you are able to separate the fantasy on the screen from the reality in your bedroom.

The first common element in these stories that is completely fantasy is the idea that the first time the wife locks up her husband, she keeps him caged for months or even years at a time. That's possible eventually; but in reality, you'll need to start out slowly by locking him up for a couple days or a week at a time and then build up to longer periods. You and he will both need the time to adjust to the new dynamics of your marriage.

Another element that is completely fantasy is the kind of story where the husband never ejaculates again. Men need to ejaculate roughly once a month for their prostate health. That doesn't mean they have to orgasm – in fact, it's possible for a man never to orgasm again and remain healthy – but he does need to ejaculate to keep the pipes clean.

Another element that is rarely addressed in erotic male chastity belt fiction is basic male hygiene. His penis and testicles must be kept clean if you want to avoid the chance of infection. Some cages allow him to clean himself, while others will require you to unlock him and wash him by hand.

Finally, the chastity belt stories make the transition seem seamless. In reality, you may have to try out a couple of different belts before you find the one that works best for you. You may have setbacks where he needs a break from chastity for a while.

The important thing is to keep providing each other feedback and discover what works for you. If you do that, your reality may end up even better than the fantasy.

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    Sara L. Collins is Mistress Sara and she invites you to visit and share her erotic experiences as a professional dominatrix. Download the complete male chastity guide - Beautiful Enslavement and learn more about this exciting lifestyle and how long term, enforced male chastity can revitalize your relationship.

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    In this brief male chastity review, you will see that the lifestyle is become increasingly popular for one simple reason – it works.

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    You must know that male chastity lifestyle is a process, not a single action. You can't simply lock your husband up and expect things to change right away.

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    It may surprise you to know that male chastity is not always the wife's idea. Sometimes it's the man who desires to lose his freedom and turn his wife into his own male chastity mistress. This is perfectly normal and a sign that he is deeply committed to the relationship.

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    When people think of the concept of chastity they usually think of medieval times, when maidens were locked up to protect their virginities until marriage. But in reality, chastity is a very modern concept – only these days it's the man who is usually locked up, while the female partner retains her sexual freedom.

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    Over the years I've helped dozens of couples incorporate male chastity and male chastity belt devices into their marriage. I've done so because this lifestyle has proven to be the right choice for most couples – particularly if they are having problems in their relationship.

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