Adult Friend Finder: Is It Really Involved In A Scam?

Posted: 02/10/2006 |Comments: 120 | Views: 609,040 |

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most visited commercial websites on the internet, an online sex and swinger personals community now accommodating more than 20 million members worldwide. Basic membership and registration on Adult Friend Finder is free but you need to upgrade your membership in order to contact other members via anonymous email, instant messaging, webcam etc, and enjoy the other features. For example, with Gold Membership ($12 per month), you can view other profiles, video introductions, live video streams, contribute to an online magazine, and more. With basic membership, you can only post a profile.

Like many online dating and personals websites, Adult Friend Finder has also been accused of scams and online phishing (a criminal activity that uses social engineering techniques). Many has reported that owners of this popular online community have been deceiving the public by creating and posting fake profiles with photographs of beautiful and attractive women, in order to draw visitors. These innocent visitors are then directed to porn sites, or an Adult Friend Finder scam known as Advance fee fraud, an online confidence scam in which the target is convinced to advance moderately small sums of money in the hope of securing a much larger gain.
Adult Friend Finder scam is also based on charges regarding the use of contentious advertising techniques such as spam and spyware, designed to collect many different types of information about the user, and interrupt the normal operation of the visitor's computer in order to promote a third party. For example, using this malicious software, the Adult Friend Finder scam can track what types of websites a user visits and send this information to an advertisement agency.

Supporters of Adult Friend Finder claim that approximately 4-5% of the population in most U.S. states has a profile on Adult Friend Finder, and half of these profiles are for Men seeking Women. These profiles are not duplicate, fraudulent, or inactive, and the Adult Friend Finder scam has been fabricated by competing websites to defame and discredit the very successful online adult community website. However, there are other views that maintain that the Adult Friend Finder scam is a reality that cannot be ignored.

The most recent criticism comes from people who claim to have been fooled into purchasing full membership by the Adult Friend Finder scam, which uses "decoys" in the chat rooms. According to witnesses, these chat room decoys operate by posing as real people to initiate a continuous conversation with their mark. Once a potential victim has been identified, he/she would then be coaxed into purchasing or upgrading into full membership to access all of the sites features.

In addition to the above criticism, even members who have purchased full membership (such as Gold Members) have been complaining about Adult Friend Finder scams such as fake communications, requesting e-mail and asking to pay for an account on another website.

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    Comments on this article

    uthaya 22/09/2010
    i am slim and fair
    uthaya 22/09/2010
    i am slim and fair,
    Dave 05/09/2010
    This is the type of CEO Friend Finder has:

    Anthony Previte:

    To the tiny number of you who have some complaint or gripe or just like to spoil everyone else’s good thing do me a favor; hold your breath until Tuesday morning and then come complain to me or your manager. (I really mean hold your breath, like keep the air in your lungs.)
    BxChris8669 04/09/2010
    Don't bother with either, I created a half-assed profile (no pic, or personal info) and got almost a dozen messages and flirts overnight. Of course, free members can't actually access the messages. It smells like a scam same as AFF. Stay away, fining a hooker on Craigslist would be a better use of your money.
    hemant 01/09/2010
    EXMEMBER OF aff...
    adult finder in india is fake and they are just for money and most prosititude and dealer operting this side so

    plz dont go in aff ...
    Kimmie Miller 21/08/2010
    type into google for a real hook-up site!
    Shelly 20/08/2010
    thanks for the input. i use
    much better site for hooking up and meeting real people.
    Jb 11/08/2010
    I'm building my own-- screw aff... need testers if any r interested, not really going live until i get the bugs worked out. I'm only about 33.3% done but then signup and listings work, sorta iv'e only been working on it a couple hours a night for two weeks. Anyway it's and Im not planning on charging for it.
    BxChris8669 03/08/2010
    Hmm, I put a link to this site in my profile, and now it has been denied. The truth hurts, doesn't it AFF?
    Mike 02/08/2010
    This new website is going to change all that. The Creator of the site was sick of all these high price scams and created a 100% scam free place and cheap.
    arjuna 31/07/2010
    Most of the girl profile and women profile are fake almost 99.99% ,mostly those profiles might have been promoted by web owners itself ,could find none in the last one year from this site ,if mailed they dont even cared to reply ,In india it may not work ,it is only a fraud site as for as Indians are concerned ,no single girls/women not even young couples too as for as my idea ,only men with women or girl profile or men with couple profile along with buisness girls or illegal women(mistress) not for sex as pure entertainment but for money sake these women are into this site ,totally misleading site use for buisness people who are in this trade of sex only .
    Pissed off 30/07/2010
    Fuck you AFF get your bullshit scam hoes off this site! The email messages repeat themselves in blocks of text, women tell you to email them on other emails that go to their phones and then they are such stupid fucking whores they don't even bother to use one email address with one picture account...they fucking stupidly use the SAME email phone for multiple different accounts!!! LOL FUCK YOU AFF and Social Flirt and all your various icarnations I hope you fucking die!
    Anand Raj 14/07/2010
    The app is very good. We do develop iPhone Apps at my company. If you got any idea which you want to develop you can contact us for free feasibility analysis and quote. You can reach us at
    BxChris8669 12/07/2010
    The site's definately fake. There are real people like me who got suckered into wasting their money, but the majority of the profiles are justr made up by the site. Spend enough time looking at your new matches, and you'll see the same "person" with a new profile every other day or so. The wording is the same, just the pictures will be different. I even noticed one of the pics on the sign in page (anyone notice all the profiles listed there don't exist?) was used by one of the fake "women"who contacted me.
    Abdullah 27/06/2010
    luck_and_skill 24/06/2010
    I'm a woman who has been a member of AFF off and on for the last few years. I'm pretty sure some of the hot women on AFF's intro page include models, not actual members. Then I saw a page of the "real" people on the site and, honestly, guys with their expectations and fantasies aren't going to sign up for the regular looking gals. However, I happen to know there are nice, smart, gorgeous, well-mannered. HOT!! men and women signed up on the site, looking for a good sexual encounter or sexual compatibility with another real person.

    People come in so many flavors, from very tasty to downright awful. I met one of my best friends on AFF (started as lovers) and I also met some nutjob creeps too but no more than I would outside or from a regular dating site. Like any system/venue, you have to know how to work something to your advantage to achieve the desired outcome. That's the skill. The luck is in the persistence to try again, learning and improving along the way.
    Gary Whipple 18/06/2010
    Very good Article I have a bit of experience dealing with scammers on single parent, Most of them are from Africa claiming to be from the US, young beautiful and don't make very much money. The Biggest tip off is when they are interested in you and they didn't even look at your profile. Also they immediately want to talk to you on yahoo messenger or related media and not the host that you met on in the first place.

    Thanks for the article Good Job!
    Johnny 18/06/2010
    Yeah sites like these are usually scams, if you notice they use the same generic pictures of beautfiul women that the other sites use to, and you can often see them used on the same site for more than one profile. I personally will/would never pay for such a site ever again.
    ken 11/06/2010
    for all you winners of AFF for one year,have you ever read the same line with a different body,and which was most,east coast or outta country????
    ken 11/06/2010
    an experiment in social order
    ken 11/06/2010
    people can be weird,in their own little ways,but granted,this is a sex site,for what any reason and wants you desire.....but,,and i mean but,this place is a gatewayfor the lonely hearts club,or,a scam for out of country scam artist,my experience after a year,is 65%are from ghana.hello,how many white chicks live on ,the west coast of a suppressed country ,are there that many dumbfucks who whould buy this shit. and the girls that wink,ect.,wanting a full time man,lover,husband,when i'm bisexual.shit,i mean,i mean,this is a scam to run your pc,not sex,your pc,buy the way how much bread do you have to waste????
    Current Female member 04/06/2010
    I am a current female member. I get tons of views, emails and flirts from men all over. I assure you, I am real. I can tell you from my own personal experience, there are real people on there. I have met a few great guys, not always for sex. I tend not to answer the overly perverted emails that I get ( some are actually very disgusting). When I am on the chat and I get a cam invite, my first question is. ARE YOU DRESSED? The response is always yes, but low and behold, I turn it on and 95% of the time there is a dick in the cam. I click it off. I read one mans post that was great advice..... PUT A FACE PIC UP. or atleast be willing to send one in an email. I for one am not impressed with pictures showing everything you have. And I also insist on meeting someone in public, have a drink or appetizers and spend a little bit of time getting to know them. Cant believe how many men expect to just come over to your place and bang. Get a clue guys.... women need a little bit more then that.. I should know.. I am a woman and we talk about you guys. I do try to reply to all the emails that I get, but it is very hard. The nice ones always get a response. The nasty ones get deleted immediately!
    Bi Girl 31/05/2010
    I do agree that there are a ton of fake profiles on the site, but I have posted alone as a female, and we have posted as a couple.

    There seems to be reasonable interest with other couples.

    I did notice, though, that when I go on camera to give a naughty show, often people will "page" you with comments and request to private chat. When the viewer count gets over 500 or so, I start to get fake "pages" fromMY OWN profile! The text just shows {waiting} so clearly they are sending automated comments.

    I wonder if they are filming the real (freely provided) camming I do and using it on a pay site somewhere else.

    Ahh well.

    In truth, I get hammered with emails from men daily. I said WOMEN only. If you don't listen, chances are i won't reply. IF you send an ignorant message or tell me you will rape me hard, you will damn well be ignored. If you send a picture of your dick I will ignore you. Just because it is a sex site doesnt' mean you can be a classless, tactless , rude jerk. Just use some common sense!

    I try to reply politely to single male requests to our couple profile, but for my own profile asking only for women... duh, it's right it my title line, so obviously if you aren't considerate enough to read that, then I am not going to waste my time telling you I'm not interested.
    ROSHY 28/05/2010
    Best option is to join its free as well for 18+ only and real till now.
    xToyz 19/05/2010
    actually.. im a member.. and i had dated over 30 girls from this site.. here's my number +63-927-915-2460 im from the philippines thank you
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