5 Steamy Hot Love Making Tips That Will Have Him Begging For More

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Make mental notes of the special places he touches you and the way he does it; Then later do the same to him. If he lays light butterfly kisses on your eyelids, you should do the same for him. If he lightly sucks your nipples this may mean he has sensitive nipples himself and would welcome your reciprocal lightly kisses. You may not realize it, but your man could be telling you exactly what he likes in be by doing it to you first. Dont mimic his moves right away. Surprise him and wait until the next time you two make love.

One of the most sexual weapons a woman has is the sent of your vaginal juices. Men may joke about the smell of a woman referring to fish, but if you keep yourself clean, the smell of your natural lubricant can be an incredible aphrodisiac. The sent of a female "in heat" is meant to attract the male....So use it! Before your man comes home use a little of your own sexual weapon just a touch between your breast, behind your ears, on your wrists. He will be wonder why he can't keep his hands and mouth off of you.

Just the thought that you have fantasies will be foreplay for him, it shows him that your a woman who truly enjoys thinking about sex and who has an erotic imagination.
Listen attentively to his and don't be shocked at anything he may say. Revealing fantasies is very intimate and gives a greater meaning to intimacy.

One of the most flattering things you can do for a man is to change or add to the sexual ambience after you have learned what his preferences.are. When you discover he loves black, get some black velvet pillow or nighty. Grape are his favorite fruit? Bring some to bed. He's into feathers? Stock up on all sizes and shapes. This kind of stroke to his sexual ego should spur him on to new heights of passion. 

One simple way to change the scenery is to move your lovemaking to another room. Sex in the same place and at the same time predictable time, quickly becomes routine and dull. How about the living room, on the dining room table in the bathroom. Try up against the refrigerator.  Men love variety, and you can provide all the novelty he will ever need by being creative about where you seduce him NEXT!

Better love making techniques equal passionate lovemaking connections between two people in a meaningful and unexplainable way that nothing else can. Many people underestimate the passionate and intimacey of learning new ways to spice things up in the bed room and just get cauhgt up in everyday life.

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