5 Hot Foreplay Tips For Married Couples

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5 Hot Foreplay Tips For Married Couples

When your sex life suffers, your marriage suffers as well. You want to get everything at this hot level once again. You want to bring the passion back into the bedroom and you are determined to make this happen today.

Foreplay is extremely important to your sex life and if you aren't including it as a part of your routine, then you are truly missing out. Without foreplay, you and your partner are both not at your peak of sexual arousal. The more aroused you are before sex, the better sex will be because the more of a raw animalistic instinct you will have. You will have that urge to tear clothes off and to dig your nails into your partner's skin.

Here are 5 hot foreplay tips for married couples:

Oral sex is something that you should really include in foreplay. A lot of couples will make an event out of oral sex and use it as the pleasure principle for the evening. However, you should start using it as a sexy precursor to sex. Feeling the warmth of your spouse's mouth lingering on your most sensitive areas will have you begging for release.
Toys. Introducing some new toys into the bedroom for foreplay can really get the juices flowing as well. If you are really daring, then there are all sorts of bondage items that you can try. Being handcuffed and blindfolded is very daring and requires a lot of trust. This helps to build your relationship and intimacy. As well, being blindfolded and handcuffed really heightens your sexual senses.

Making out. Kissing is one of the best ways to get in the mood. A great, deep passionate kiss can really go a long way. For some couples, all they need is to feel their partner's breathing become heavier and to feel that warm tongue massaging their own.

Role playing. Sometimes taking on different characters can really spice things up. Making a small fantasy come true for your partner can help to reignite that fire in the bedroom and get your sex life back on track.

The last way to incorporate some sexy foreplay into your sexual routine is to talk about. The more open you are with your partner in what you want in the bedroom, then the better your sex life is. Sometimes we are too afraid to ask for something that we want. Don't be afraid to ask for something from your partner.

Use these tips to increase your sex drive so you two can start having some incredibly hot sex tonight.

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