4 Crazy Love Making Tips - Dominate Your Woman

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How to sexually please women can become a daunting task for some men. Others will never completely satisfy their mates, then again some men have no problems making their lovers happy.

Women like men who like to lead therefore if you are still in the minor league of men who always put women in the leader spot than you might never be able to please a woman.

Men can become happy with a simple thought of seeing a women. Where as some women need take longer to reach their happy level. Try some these crazy love making tips to spice up your life.

Crazy Love Making:
If you can master the art of crazy love making, women will beg to sleep with you over and over again. Women love to be with that man who can satisfy them completely.

1. The Adult Foreplay: Have a warm bath or you can give sexual massage. Drop drops of chocolate or put ice cream on your partner erogenous zones then lick and suck them.

Lick inner thighs, her neck, boobs, earlobes and every part of her body that makes her go wild.

2.Give Her Clitoral Orgasm: Always remember to give her clitoral orgasm first before going for the vagina. You can try Clitoris Circle Technique. Lick clitoris with your tongue in a circular motion.

After this crazy love making technique, it is only a matter of time before you can expect her to have the kind of mind numbing clitoral orgasm that can shake and move mountains.

3. Stimulating G-Spot: For women, stimulating the G-spot creates a more intense orgasm than clitoral stimulation. To stimulate the G-spot is through sexual penetration.

It is claimed that the best G-spot stimulation is achieved by using both manual stimulation and stimulation from sexual intercourse. Try different positions your crazy love making session to find that which position works best for your partner for stimulating G-Spot.

4. After Play: Appreciate the lovemaking skills of your partner. Take a shower that brings comfort and relaxation to both. Kiss, cuddle and hug each other.

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