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Ten Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex With a Man

Ten Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex With a Man

Ten mistakes women make when they are having sex with men - and what to do about them

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Signs of Sexual Attraction From a Woman

Signs of Sexual Attraction From a Woman

When you're talking to a woman, you'll often receive obvious signs of her levels of attraction. In this article, you'll discover how to pick up on a woman's subtle...

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John Dugan

Sex tips can help men improve their sexual encounters. When considering such tips, remember that the condition of the bedroom has an impact on sex.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 30/01/2015 lViews: 133
John Dugan

Uncontrolled penis odor can result in a major date disaster. Men want to make sure they take appropriate steps to eliminate unwanted penis odor before an outing with a potential partner.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 29/01/2015 lViews: 107
John Dugan

Pornography is not everyone's cup of tea, but many couples who view it together find the experience can lead to better sex.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 28/01/2015 lViews: 87
John Dugan

The search for perfect Valentine's Day gifts is on. This year, why not invest in presents that both partners can enjoy together? The following list of sex toys will help guide men and their partners to greater pleasure.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 27/01/2015 lViews: 71
John Dugan

While some causes of penis bumps require treatment, others are natural and harmless. Men can learn about three types of bumps that may affect the penis but are not causes for concern here.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 26/01/2015 lViews: 63
John Dugan

It's hard to fully enjoy sex when one has a numb penis. Restoring lost sensitivity (or preventing it from occurring) enables a man to enjoy sexual pleasure to the fullest.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 12/01/2015 lViews: 178
John Dugan

An itchy penis is a common problem for many men, but it may present a special problem for those with a latex allergy, as it may make using condoms an issue.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 11/01/2015 lViews: 19
John Dugan

Exercise is beneficial to several areas of one's life, including sex. Learn the best exercises for better sex.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 10/01/2015 lViews: 300
John Dugan

An erect penis is handy for satisfying sexual urges, but a tumescent tool can also be used for more lighthearted sexual play aimed at incorporating some humor.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 09/01/2015 lViews: 45
John Dugan

Most men probably aren't aware of the many potential causes of a red penis. They can test their knowledge with this quiz.

By: John Duganl Sexuality l 09/01/2015 lViews: 17

Seducing a woman takes a bit of practice and patience. In this article, you'll discover the secrets to getting a woman to have sex with you.

By: Scott Pattersonl Sexuality l 25/04/2008 lViews: 2,656,720 lComments: 29

Have you ever wondered, just out of curiosity, if that vampish flirt in your school was still a virgin? And whether that sweet helpful girl in class is really so innocent?Ah, the issue of virginity is a controversial one. Many people, especially guys, barg that they are able to tell if a girl is a virgin. What's true and what's not? Read on and find out!

By: Raiha_Evelynl Sexuality l 19/05/2007 lViews: 797,648 lComments: 21

Sex is a wonderful thing. I haven't met a person yet who would dispute this. Everybody loves sex, whether they like talking about it openly or not. One of the reasons you're reading this is because you enjoy sex and you would like to enjoy it more and have your partner enjoy it more.

By: Hunter Crowelll Sexuality l 28/08/2006 lViews: 674,104

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most visited commercial websites on the internet, an online sex and swinger personals community now accommodating more than 20 million members worldwide.

By: Leon Ralstonl Sexuality l 02/10/2006 lViews: 609,061 lComments: 120

Undoubtedly, a woman's breasts rank up high on the erogenous zones list. Breasts have many nerve endings that it doesn't really require a lot of effort to stimulate a woman via her breasts or nipples. However, simple stimulation is not what we're after, right? You want her to be really sensually turned on when you start paying attention to her breasts.

By: Gabrielle Moorel Sexuality l 19/09/2008 lViews: 549,638 lComments: 2

Jelqing is considered the backbone of natural penis enlargement. In this article, learn how to use the jelqing exercise step by step.

By: Aaron Kemmerl Sexuality l 20/11/2007 lViews: 539,918 lComments: 1

If you want to learn how to target your partners erogenous zones and please him then this article is for you. Let’s look at male erogenous zones which are common and some that are not so well known and how to exploit them to give him an experience he will never forget.

By: Sacha Tarkovskyl Sexuality l 15/12/2006 lViews: 500,800 lComments: 1

This article gives advice to anyone looking to experiment for their first time with anal sex.

By: Phoenix Delrayl Sexuality l 14/06/2008 lViews: 480,183 lComments: 1

The best sex positions for achieving orgasm.

By: Rod Phillipsl Sexuality l 06/09/2006 lViews: 460,150 lComments: 7

In our series of best sexual positions we have presented various positions for a number of conditions and circumstances. This article gives the absolutely best sexual position for those couples who wish the deepest penetration possible.

By: Sacha Tarkovskyl Sexuality l 30/03/2007 lViews: 446,752 lComments: 5

In 3D sex games there is one common goal that those players share, like getting over a territory and live there daily existence. This game includes time line of 3D sexual intercourse games. Usually these sex games leave very little to the imagination when an individual is playing them. Sometimes what you dream up can happen in these games.

By: Edgar Abellol Sexuality l 03/12/2010 lViews: 1,195

Online adult games are now easy to find online just like how you discover about anything online. With just a few quick search and will find literally hundreds of these in the web.

By: Edgar Abellol Sexuality l 06/12/2010 lViews: 756

Nowadays interactive games online are growing fast and a lot of people are enjoying the fun. With the invention and growing competition in the gaming industry, many different interactive games are created that everyone gets enjoyed.

By: Edgar Abellol Sexuality l 11/12/2010 lViews: 5,038

Virtual sex games nowadays have become the popular mainstays since the start of the internet technology. Different group of community in the online gaming were established and growing fast. For some individuals the risk-free platforms and anonymity are very refreshing than the hard and stress filled world of a real life. It releases the stress and gives excitement to everyone who joins and plays the online game.

By: Edgar Abellol Sexuality l 15/12/2010 lViews: 1,297

We are just human beings that need time for fun. There are different ways to find the fun that you wanted. One good example is sex games which has become the great fun nowadays. There are a number of reasons and a number of different occasions to play and the trick are to use your imagination. You can find the ideas for adult games in the internet, in the books that are sold to sex toys shops. If the games sound good funs for you then play and enjoy yourself.

By: Edgar Abellol Sexuality l 23/12/2010 lViews: 838

In the world of online games many people are enjoying and become addicted of there favorite games. A new online game called sex games has brought attention to the new gaming industry wherein an unprecedented number of players are being attracted which lead to the advancement in the technology and being applied to the various games now.

By: Edgar Abellol Sexuality l 23/12/2010 lViews: 964

Men! If you want your partner to reach orgasm during intercourse, try this exciting series of sex positions.

By: Rod Phillipsl Sexuality l 25/11/2006 lViews: 376,749 lComments: 2

Nowadays the quality of online games are very advanced and has made the gamers to be more interacting for its reality is almost to become alive. Before the late 90's only 8-bit or 16 bit characters are available but now we have the so called 3D features that makes the characters look very alive. One of the leading and popular online games now is the online virtual sex games wherein the industry producing this game is doing a lot of interesting improvement.

By: Edgar Abellol Sexuality l 28/12/2010 lViews: 2,773
Penis Enlargement

The best male sexual enhancement product and THE MOST EFFECTIVE male enhancement pills increase penis size and sex drive.

By: Penis Enlargementl Sexuality l 14/01/2011 lViews: 345
Penis Enlargement

The overall consensus of Vimax was positive. One of the best penis enlargement pills on the market today is Vimax. The natural formulation of ingredients that made of this product is the main reason.

By: Penis Enlargementl Sexuality l 13/11/2010 lViews: 673
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