Think You Can Handle Being Seductive? Get Him to Bed Tonight in 5 Sexy Ways!

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Getting a guy to bed tonight may sound like a pretty tricky feat but believe it or not girl, it's all going to be a piece of cake. You see, the truth about men is that they are easy to please and turn on in that matter -- that's why you should better keep things interesting and on fire as much as you can. Being seductive is a skill and the more you try too hard, the lesser chances it is for you to get successful and all that. So try to keep it easy and make sure you handle each situation with art and finesse. Get all set and get him to bed tonight in five sexy ways!

  • Build sexual tension. This is everything! you have to build it and make it stronger every minute. There are many ways to achieve tension --- flirting, touching, kissing --- the works. So one step at a time, baby. You'll definitely get to where you want it.
  • Get the conversation interesting. Women are the hot shots on this department that's why you better try to keep the conversation going and interesting. You see, men also like to be intellectually stimulated although they are very visual creatures. Showing a little skin would do some good too.
  • Initiate the first move. There is just something about aggressive girls that men just find totally sexy and nice. In truth, it's true that a woman should try to play hard-to-get to make a man all fired up to pursue her more --- but it's also true that men go absolutely wild for aggressive girls as well!
  • Get creative. Ask him what his apartment looks like, what he usually wears to bed and if he prepares lights on from lights off --- just try to get creative and put the topic inside the bedroom. It will create sparks, believe me. So try get naughty and nice to him now and you'll both be in his bedroom in no time.
  • Practice the husky voice. There is always about a low sexy tone that makes a woman instantly become a goddess of seduction --- the soothing melody of your voice calms and soothes his sense making him more attuned to get turned on. So practice on this one and you'll be one hot female seductress in bed soon!

So now, do you think you can handle being seductive? Finally get all that fantasy done and your dreams come true now --- getting him in bed and satisfying is something a bit overwhelming --- you need to have the balls to make it all happen. Are you up for the challenge?

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    By: Julia Di\\\'Silval Sexualityl 07/12/2009 lViews: 295
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