Sex Without Commitment

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Sex without commitment:

Most people might say, no comment to that particular topic.

Some people respect it, and some don't. Some people hate it to a point where they say that they don't condone it. The reasons why is because some get attached to a point where they can't really handle the sex without commitment issue and tend to get really jealous. Now a days, more and more women are having sex like men. Some can handle it and some can't.

It's like this: Men feel that they can do certain things to women, but as soon as we women start acting like them, all of a sudden, they don't like it and can't perform sexually like they normally do, all because they feel intimidated by the woman and just can't understand it, and feel that women shouldn't do that, or have sex like them.
Now, some women say they have decided to have sex like men because men have been doing it to us forever now like having sex and leaving us, and frankly, we are just sick of it so now we have to act like them all for the simple fact that men love to break our hearts just by using the L word. Why say you love us, if it isn't so. Sex is a powerful and dangerous act that can lead to a crime of passion so that's why so many people are having sex without commitment, meaning no strings attached whatsoever. Some choose to share intimate secrets with each other and some become possessive.
This is the age of uninnosense and self protection and some say that there are no great unmarried men. Now some men just want to be that ungettable bachelor. However, you should always play by the rules when having sex without commitment and give each other space. There is no need to just settle for anything that comes your way, and you should have no feelings whatsoever, and some people tend to forget about the person they've slept with. It is said that some men don't want to be in a relationship with you, but as soon as you start acting like them, they start to really get worried and get scared. But is there really any real romance that comes with sex without commitment? With this sort of act, there should be no messy emotional attachment. Now, some women feel powerful after acting just like men because they feel that they have succeeded with the plan that comes with having sex without commitment. I once dated a guy for six years and basically it was supposed to be sex without commitment but apparently it turned out to be a real on going romance and it turns out that I ended up falling madly in love with him and the feeling was mutual on his end, and he showered me with gifts and luxuries and took good care of me. But in the end, we broke up and got back together. Till this day, I still don't know what happened and why we broke up to begin with. The point I'm getting to is that women tend to engage in sex without commitment but don't feel as powerful or in control of the situation that they're in because they fall in love too quickly which cause too much confusion and problems that comes with the agreement of sex without commitment. Most men enjoy having sex without commitment because it's a little bit more convenient for them. Although, women who agree to having sex without commitment normally go numb and have no feeling whatsoever after they sleep with the guy that they're involved with and really don't care what they do and really don't feel the need to feel attached to the man at all. These days, not everyone wants to commit to a relationship. Although, it takes two, and there should be an agreement between the two of you. Some people are in it for certain sexual favors, in other words in slang terms (a jump off) and that's it. Men say, when having sex without commitment you should be available when called and with that there's less stress on both parties. However, dating outside as far as seeing other people is better because the sex is greater and you're more open and honest with each other where there's no pressure whatsoever which is so much better. However, there are so many adavntages with that, meaning there's no jealousy and you're not too demanding. Sex without commitment is great because everyone has needs and it tends to get lonely at times. In that case, you'll need someone to talk to and look at.
With sex without commitment: It's all about the pros and the cons. But most improtantly the pros,

Sex without commitment: Men and Women, is this what we're looking for to really satisfy us to keep a spark or is this something that everyone really wants and need in their lives.

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