Sex After 40 a Rare Encounter for Single Women

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The young single girls and married women don't seem to have a lot of problem having sexual relationships. The reality is that single women over the age of 40 seem to have difficulties soliciting sex. As women get older they confess to having less sexual partners. Sometimes they lack even one partner. This is because of cultural beliefs, social and biological effects of aging. A point to note is that only single women lack partners but their is plenty of easy sex after 40 for men. The study focused on women between the age of 40-59. Some of them were either single, widowed or single as a result of divorce. This group of women is usually underepresented in most social studies. Researchers focus more on married women and single girls in their study.

There are exceptional cases where women from this age group are so seductive a 20 year old would fall in love with her but they are rare. We have them acting in movies for example a character like Susan Sarandon's in the Bull Durhan movie. The allure is an exception but not a rule for many single women who are over 40 years of age. With no much choice sex after 40 becomes a rare service and the women are forced to celibacy. The factors contributing to their boring kind of life may be associated with some combination of factors. You will agree with me that older women are perceived to be less attractive by men, women and surprisingly themselves too. Many say that middle aged women have the middle section of their body larger than any other part of the body. As they age they feel they cannot attract sexual partners and so it becomes like that. The mind of a human being is a major entity to what she is and what she becomes.

In our society having sex outside marriage is condemned by every one. It is these conservative beliefs about casual sex that enslave some of these women above 40. Premarital sex is highly discouraged even when a woman's age is advanced above 40 years, the society expects her to still find a husband before she starts enjoying sex. There is a trend which make sex after 40 for these women even more challenging. This is the trend where men of their age pair up with young girls. This reduces their chances by far. Older men find young girls so attractive. Who doesn't want the best? we all want it.

Another contributing factor to their misery is the high male mortality rates evident in the society today. It is unfortunate that few males are born and to make the matters worse they do not live long enough. There are much more widows compared to widowers in the society. Women live longer than men and their birth rate is higher hence the existing ratio imbalance. With many women and few men, middle aged women find it tasking to solicit sex after 40. The energy to compete for a sexual partner erodes with age. Paradoxically, having a college education decreases the chances of finding sexual partners. Heterosexual men prefer partners with similar or lower education. This results into smaller pool of partners for women who are highly educated.

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    This is a poorly written piece of crap. I noticed that there aren't any citations for the mentioned research. If the author had half a clue about what women were really up to after 40, his article would have been a lot more colorful. Get better writers and portray an honest picture or risk reader bashing!
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