How To Make A Man Want You For More Than Just Sex? This Will Make Him Want To Commit To You Finally!

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He's reserved and only seems to sleep with you, and nothing else. This of course, is a huge problem, because you want him to be able to give you more and you want him to believe that you have more to offer than just sex. If you are stuck in the "friends with benefits" zone, or simply want him to commit to you beyond just sex; then you need to carefully apply these next tips in order to make him COMPLETELY yours:

Make Him Emotionally Attracted To You - Right now he's only physically attracted to you, which is the initial stage of attraction. In order to get him beyond that stage, you have to figure out what makes him tick.

Emotional attractors are things that make a man FEEL as though you are great, perhaps personality wise; with your talents; the way you talk etc... The best way to figure this out quickly is to look at how he interacts with his friends and family, because those connections go beyond the physical aspect, and he obviously sees something in them that is desirable, which you need to attain.

Listen To Him - Men are always communicating messages and desires to women; and most women never pick up on it, so the man feels like you aren't listening or feels as though you will never understand him. If he is asking for space; for example; you should listen to him and offer it. This kind of quality in a woman tells a man that she's not too clingy, desperate, and needy; but also tells him that you are able to understand him.

Make Him Wait For Sex - If that is the only thing interesting him at the moment, then he will grow bored of it quickly when you are giving it to him all the time, without reservation. Yes, you've already had sex, but that doesn't mean that you can't get playful here, or make him wait.

He's already had a taste, and obviously likes you in that fashion; so he's not running away, and he won't forget you. BUT, this waiting gives you a chance to actually get to know him, and to have time to discuss things.

Find Out What He Is Looking For - You have to be patient with this one, because some men will make you really try hard to get the answer to this; because they don't want you just doing what they say.....they want you to 'naturally' BE what they are looking for.

However, that doesn't mean that he won't answer your questions directly or indirectly one way or another. The best way to get the answers, is to ask more specific questions instead of just saying "what are you looking for", say something like "do you find X quality attractive in women?". This is the backdoor route to getting to know what he's really after; and men will eventually let you know when you take this softer route.

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