An Introduction to the Art of Spanking - Sex Tip of a Lifetime

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Sincerely speaking every man on earth can confess to having had a strong desire to spank his or somebody else's woman. It might be a simple fetish or a spice to add to your passion. Before you spank your woman, you should be careful to learn some tips on how to spank her and do it right. In the practical world spanking is done without caring much about the consequences. In the real world spanking should be done with the right tempo. Before a man revs up his hand, he should first find out whether she would like the sensation of an open palm against her sitting apparatus (buttocks). A sign to look out for is whether she likes being dominated in sex or if she is fond of running her nails down your spine. If this is the case then she is likely to enjoy being spanked.

If you are clueless about what she likes sexually, you have got no choice but to talk to your woman about it. If her answer suggests that she fantasizes about being dominated sexually, she is good for spanking. There are many options of spanking tools. You can either use a whip or a paddle but i strongly advice that you should begin with your hand. Besides, the hand is superb since it enables you to fully feel the butt-spanking connection. Warm up your hands to spank your woman but remember their is a correct way to do it. To avoid smacking at her flesh like a maniac learn how to do it right in order to get the thrill out of her stimulating reaction. You can spank your dear woman in the process of foreplay before sex, during sex to drive her crazy or better still after sex to express your gratification.

Position her in such a way that she is bending over your strong knees. I hope before you spank you have had time to learn about the real etiquette to spanking your girl. Warm up by rubbing your hands together. Use the hand you are most comfortable with or use both hands alternatively to spank. For reiteration purposes, do not spank both cheeks simultaneously. You should smack each cheek at a time for best results. Make sure that you are well positioned to reduce chances of missing the target. If you are not in a comfortable position, you will not be able to maneuver your hand accurately and you might end up hitting her thighs or her back. Hold your palm tightly while going for a spank to ensure a good sound and a pleasurable sting comes out of it.

For best spanking results, aim for the middle part of the cheek. This is the part with most flesh therefore it feels best when slapped, rubbed with the hand for a while before attempting a repeat of the same. Guidelines to follow amid spanking are easy to follow. You should have enough room to allow you to freely swing your hand to acquire the desired tempo and also to avoid missing the smacks. Her target flesh should be easily accessible or in plain view. From her reaction, you should know what to do next. Does she yell out and moan with delight or does she scream out in total agony? Spanking is an art which should not be done in quick procession. Spanking is a pain that gives overwhelming pleasure.

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