5 Wild and Sexy Seduction Techniques - Make Her Sleep With You on the First Date!

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First dates are always supposed to be memorable --- something you never really forget for the rest of your life, marking your debut to dating and attraction world --- and of course, our tiny steps to our pursuit of women. We dress our best, get a little nervous, show up, talk a little, say goodnight and give each other a phone call after a few days. Now, isn't that exciting? But why don't we give it a little twist for a change? Did know you can actually get her to sleep with you on the first date? It's rare, but it happens. If you want to get lucky, here are the five wild and sexy seduction techniques you need to follow:

Don't give her the wrong idea. Don't come in there acting like a total pervert and launching into a series of things with sexual connotation --- showing up late can be forgiven however, going out on dates only and only for the sole purpose of hooking up is just downright despicable (of course, that can be your prime motivation but she doesn't have to know about that). Mind your manners and always remember --- women want to be treated nicely --- like a princess.

Maintain interesting topics to talk about it. As we all know, women can get complicated and it's been quite a mystery to know what really turns them on --- however, there is one thing we know --- and it's getting them mentally stimulated first before we get them in the mood for something much better.

Don't rush her right away. Dragging her to the bedroom will not only scare her out of her wits --- you're also going to be most probably accused of attempted rape. Now we don't want that happening so you better keep it nice and slow --- in everything. She needs to be pre-heated first, so to speak.

Keep flirting and get naughtier. Truth of the matter is, women aren't really that hard to seduce. Sometimes, it's just us making up all creepy things and stressful stuff to think about getting it all messed up. So go ahead and have fun for a change --- keep flirting and get naughtier by each second. She'll definitely pick up the pace and join right in.

Don't ask --- lead the way. Sometimes, when we become to honest and safe, we end up as losers. But hey, I'm not promoting you go on telling lies and hurting people in the process. Just add a little creative side on it. When thinking of how to get her to sleep with you on the first date, don't ask --- lead the way. Initiate intimacy, offer to drive her home, ask if she'd like to see your place, offer coffee --- strategies. Don't forget to show her the bedroom of course.

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    When you are looking to understand how to sleep with women, you need to examine the beliefs you have about yourself and women before you get very far along in the seduction process. First, you need to have positive beliefs about both. You need to believe you deserve an attractive woman and that you believe you are capable of getting women to go to bed with you.

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    Sometimes, seduction can be natural. Attracting someone can now actually happen because you want to --- although it takes practice, time and effort to master it, it'll be all worth it in the end. Seducing a woman has never been this fun exciting --- you have to let go of the yesteryears when you can't help but get anxiety attacks and getting all nervous around a girl --- it's time to get out of your shell and take the world by storm!

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    We all want women --- it's a universal fact we can't deny. It's true that most of our motivation in life is because of women --- they're charming, sweet and lovable --- and definitely hard to resist. There are actually a couple of things to remember first before you can actually make it possible to totally seduce and attract her to you --- what gets her and what makes her tick? And most importantly (and probably your most favorite part) --- what does she really want in bed?

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    Hooking up and making out with women can seem to be quite a normal and typical hobby to a very few blessed men out there and we can't help but get all envious on this good fortune of theirs. But have you ever thought about the possibility that they're just making use of all that confidence stored up inside? That they're just living their life to the fullest and not waste any more time wallowing inside their apartments just because they screwed up and got dumped?

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