Stay Away From These Sexual Positions So You Do Not Get Pregnant

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Positions in sexual intercourse can be fun but should be taken more seriously when a responsible couple is trying to have a baby. There are some factors which come into play as the idea of having a baby enters into the mind of each parent such as the amount of sexual intercourse you have and the woman’s menstrual cycle.

For some couples they may need the assistance of a fertility doctor while for other people it is fairly easy to get pregnant. This is positive and negative as in some cases you and your partner do not always want to have a pregnancy be the result during intercourse.

If you are an older aged couple and do not seek or want to become pregnant you should fully understand your ovulation cycle on your own or with a fertility doctor.

Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to ascertain the optimal sexual positions to conceive or to figure out the positions to not try during love making. Please review the positions below to NOT TRY when having intercourse if you do not want to get pregnant.

Positions to Stay Away From

1. The missionary position is to be ruled out at all costs unless you definitely want to get pregnant fast. In this position, the male lies on top of the female on the bed, securing himself between her legs. This way it gives him access to maximum penetration, and enables the male's penis to get very near to the female's cervix during the ejaculation

2. The doggie style, or rear-entry position, occurs when the male enters the female from the rear. The sperm is then deposited nearest to the cervix which significantly helps in increasing the possibility of conceiving. So, if you do not want to get pregnant, cross this one out.

3. The scissor position is whereby the male and female are opposite sides of each other, and touch each other reproductive organs.

Position to Use

Get your bodies shaped into a ninety-degree angle or an L-shape. The L-shape is basically created by joining your partner’s thighs and your hips.

While the above are tips in lessening your chances of becoming pregnant, it is not foolproof, or Dad-proof. You and/or your partner should regularly use a form of birth control to have safe sexual relations as well as maintaining reproductive responsibility.

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