How To Conceive A Boy - Control The Sex Of Your Baby

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I have recently given birth to my second child and I want to publicly share how to conceive a boy, as selected by you. My first child Ashley was born a boy, which my partner and I chose and my second was selected to be female.

It is not necessarily an easy conversation to have with your partner, but he was pretty open about idea; that if we were only to have one child (not knowing what tomorrow may bring), he would prefer it to be a boy. After much research, we discovered a completely natural and non-surgical method of gender selection. Following this procedure, we successfully gave conceived a boy and two years later we had a beautiful baby girl, both as planned by us.

Some girlfriends and I, who were also seeking to learn about natural gender selection, discovered a comprehensive guide that outlined exactly what was to be undertaken.

Diet is one of cardinal parameters that must be modified. The right balance of the correct type foods are required to naturally harvest certain vitamins and minerals. Vitamin supplements are also likely to be required if you cannot feasibly attain the desired levels. Depending on your current diet, is possible that everything you need to put into your body, is going to be to be the opposite of your current intake.

Sexual position used during intercourse must be suitable for the desired outcome. The depth of penetration at the time of ejaculation occurring must be controlled in accordance with the gender preference. A lot of people make the mistake of only using the correct position at the time of ejaculation. Although most of the sperm enter the vagina at this time, many people have fallen pregnant without internal ejaculation and obviously, some sperm enter the vagina prior to male climax.

*One of my girlfriends made to error of disobeyed this because her partner wished to engage a particular position for the duration, and only used the correct position when ejaculation was to take place.

Menstrual cycle must be the primary parameter to be obeyed. As particular sperm possess more endurance that others, usually sperm with genetic make-up for a female embryo, conception must occur at the correct stage of the menstrual cycle if you wish to conceive a boy.

The alternative to natural gender selection:

Prior to my independent research on how to conceive a boy, my partner and I inquired with some fertility clinics and our initial reaction was that there was no way we could afford the tens of thousands of dollars that they wanted, to complete the invasive procedures:

A team of technicians and doctors will remove several eggs from the mother. The father is to provide a sample of his sperm and the eggs are then taken to a laboratory where they are fertilized using the father's sperm.  If the desired sex is obtained, the fertilized egg will then be again inserted into the mother. If there any issues, which can be common, the process will need to be repeated, usually at your cost, and discomfort.

No matter what, I was always going to conceive my children naturally.

See exactly how I did it here:

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