Does a father really influence the sex of baby?

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I did my own research and experiments in the past years on our ability to conceive a specific gender naturally. Upon completion of my research I discover that there are 4 specific factors that will contribute to your success. In this article I will discuss two of them namely:

1. Mother's diet
2. Mother's body pH

So, why are these two factors so critical?

You should understand by now that your baby gender is determined by a SPERM, either a male or a female sperm. The egg carries chromosome X (girl). A female sperm carries one chromosome only, an X (girl) chromosome. A male sperm carries two chromosomes, X (boy) and Y (girl) chromosomes.

When a sperm meets an egg, a new life is created. The gender is of course determined by which sperm that fertilized the egg, a baby girl is created when a female sperm that carries an X chromosome meets an egg which also carries an X chromosome. When X and X meets each other, it will become an X and it is a girl. If the Y chromosome meets the egg first, then the baby will be a boy because when X and Y chromosome meet each other, it will become an XY which is a boy.

Here are the characteristics of each of them, X (girl) sperm and Y (boy) sperm:

1. X-chromosome sperm is much larger and slower moving than Y-chromosome sperm.
2. Y-chromosome sperm is smaller, fast moving and resistant to an acidic environment than X-chromosome sperm.

Mother's diet:

Well, it is all about the context of acidic or alkaline foods. As mentioned above, Y-chromosome sperm is less resistant to an acidic environment, so a mother must eat large quantities of calcium and magnesium like cheese, nut, milk, beans and cereals in order to conceive a baby girl.

On the other hand, taking foods with high sodium and potassium like meat, fish, bananas and vegetable will definitely give you a baby boy.

Mother's body pH:

Ovulation has an effect on the pH of the body. When a woman is getting closer to her ovulation time, her body will be more alkaline. Since alkaline environment will give an advantage to Y chromosome, it really makes sense that you must have your sexual intercourse at this time to get a boy. On the other side, if you want a girl, you have to have your sexual intercourse 2 days before and 2 days after your ovulation time. This is the time when a woman's body is very acidic.

As a conclusion, even though the father provides the chromosomes X and Y, he CANNOT determine the sex of the baby. It is all depending on the woman's body at the time of conceiving.

To discover more on the remaining 2 critical factors, please visit my site at your convenient.

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