The Marriage of Nude Tantric Massage and Prostate Massage

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Sensual Tantric Massage therapy have come a long way as more of us discover the stress relieving pleasures associated with it. The perfect relaxation aiding sleep abnormalities and reducing stress in the most pleasurable way.

The new addition of the Prostate Massage to nude therapeutic, deep tissue massage and Sensual Tantric massage has proved a winning combination with great health benefits too. This delicious addition is to manipulate is the small area known as the Prostate Gland.

Known as the Sacred Spot massage, this type of massage opens the door to immense heightened pleasure, commonly referred to as the male G-spot or P-spot, the opening of the floodgate to intense erotic bliss.

Without physical stimulation of the penis, semen flows freely in this area, as the prostate begins the process of emptying during intercourse or masturbation. These sensations lead to a form of ecstasy in men.

By massaging the prostate gland, we control and extend the threshold of these sensations by enhancing and prolonging them. The encounter of the usual sensations that comes moments before ejaculation is prolonged and experienced, repeatedly.

It has to be experienced to fully understand why prostate massage is so enjoyable and very popular in our society of demanding jobs and targets to reach and maintain.

This massage when added to a sensual massage, trigger the free movement of manly fluid through the penis erect or flaccid, in a comfortable, pleasurable and controlled manner. Remember, prostate massage does not completely empty the contents of the prostate, this factor is most important in this erotic journey.

The norm during intercourse (highly over-rated) or masturbation is the exciting journey ends with ejaculation. As fluid spurts, it signals the end of that session.

With the prostrate now empty there is nothing to maintain erection, energy is lost during ejaculation, to many female's complaints of "the roll-over habit" of their men once that happens.

Another factor could be the positions taken in such a massage renders the recipient to vulnerable positions normally associated with the fairer sex. Pressure is lifted since he is not required to reciprocate and must remain in a passive role throughout. This is exciting, powerful and absolutely mind blowing for men.

Men are usually placed in positions of control in intimate situations and relationships. When he is placed in this passive position to receive a prostate massage, it simply creates a wild mental high naturally, capable of triggering powerful hormonal release.

The brain, the most agile, creative and powerful of all sex organs, releases unbelievable pleasurable sensations then. This pleasure chest is simply overwhelmed with thousands of tiny nerve endings to stimulate and experience pleasurable sensations derived from simply milking/massaging the prostate in a special way.

It increases pleasure by such unprecedented levels, it is often a huge surprise to those who have never experienced it. These amazing sensations are experienced partly by stimulating the rectal wall or just below it and or externally between the testicles and the anus. I'm aware the thought of a prostrate massage would have many men run in horror.

Once experienced in a timely fashion by gentle, beautiful masseuses with expert hands, their happiness is clearly evident. Many will opt for sampling the external, graduating to further explore internally when trust is built".

Tantric Prostate Massage provide amazing waves of intense sensations, it is also a delightful way of keep the prostrate in a healthy happy state.

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